Andrew Gilbrook: The Dilemma Of Being A Spy

April 12 15:20 2022

When looking from afar, reading a fiction novel, or watching a movie, the life of a spy seems appealing. The many adventures that a spy embarks on, the access to classified information, and the action-packed scenes make us believe that spies live a very winning, desirable, and fun life. However, up close, there is a stark contrast to what we watch or read for entertainment. 

There are so many battles, both internal and external, that a spy fights on a daily basis. Every time a situation comes up, the honour and security of the country are placed above all else, which means not only losing your life if the need is but also losing those who you value immensely. For a spy, everything is about the safety and prosperity of the motherland. The responsibility placed on them and the secrets they hide consume them from the inside, but they have to remain silent, perhaps taking them to the grave with them.

To give you the real picture of what life for a spy is and sharing his incredible journey, Andrew Gilbrook has penned down amazing non-fiction books to read for you. While sharing the inside story of what his life was like as a spy, he also gives you an insight into the occurring of major missions and operations that he undertook. Andrew has authored these amazing historical non-fiction books that were not easy for him to share with the world.

In An Ordinary Guy, Operation Saponify, he, as an MI6 British intelligence officer, gives you a peek into his far from normal life. He held a world inside him, a world he was set the guardian of by the British Government. Everything Andrew knows and everything he is is the result of the training he received from the British Government, which indebted him forever to the world of deceit, secrecy, and lies he resided in.

Every action or decision Andy takes could threaten the safety of the State, making his life walk on a tightrope. Unlike all popular non-fiction books, An ordinary Guy, Operation Saponify, has moments that will make you sit tight on the edges of your seat, clenching your fists until your knuckles get pale as he carefully reveals information that does not harm the Government interests.

Andrew’s best-selling non-fiction books are a must-read for all those who want an actual account of a life of a spy. These books are Andrew’s way of making peace with his mind and life after struggling all his life for the safety of the British Government and in between losing the love of her life without ever getting a chance to confront his loved ones with the truth of his secret life. The strength that such a huge responsibility requires and the emotional rollercoaster that one has to go through is far from the rosy scenes that you otherwise watch.

Take a trip to the surreal world of espionage with Andrew Gilbrook’s non-fiction best-sellers, where the true account of his life will shake you to the core:

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