‘Mother Mary is Here’ by Lonny Dargavel Is a Stimulating Collection of Spiritual Visions

April 12 15:28 2022

Lonny Dargavel’s new book, Mother Mary is Here, is a collection of subtle photographs of several revelations received by the author. Described as spiritual visions, these include hidden images seen in pictures of clouds, brick walls, rugs, bathwater, and so on. The book made it to the shelves on March 15, 2021.

Lonny began witnessing sights that he recorded with his camera/phone. He describes them as visions from God. He says, “I know they are His Grace from him that’s been given to me as His works from him to report to the world. I hope they find an interested audience.”

On the cover of the book is a form of Mary, the mother of Jesus, as seen by the author on his kitchen carpet. Before capturing some of these pictures, he says he’d receive signs that these visions would take place. “That sign that I received at church was followed by a lady with a rosary on her hand who I met casually, and I could tell by her glance that she witnessed my vision. The next day I saw it move from where she and I met over to our kitchen area, and that’s when it was discovered”, says Lonny.

Published by TellWell, “Mother Mary is Here” is the third in the author’s collection. The photographs reveal spiritual visions to the author, including a picture of Michael’s and the face of God, both captured together. He owns a massive assortment of over 600 pictures, and ‘Jesus Is Here!’ is the first edition.`

Lonny’s visions and signs continue, and he is preparing a third picture book. Earlier, he has published “On the other side of the rainbow / A sojourn towards the light” by Balboa Press. Lonny is preparing another written work, “Sandcastles or Crucified No More”.

For more information, please visit: https://www.amazon.com/Mother-Mary-Here-Spiritual-Photography/dp/0228849373

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