‘Queen of Hearts’ Deals with Dark Themes Including Mental Health, Cruelty and Betrayal

April 13 04:03 2022
‘Queen of Hearts’ Deals with Dark Themes Including Mental Health, Cruelty and Betrayal

Queen of Hearts focuses on the journey of healing, liberation, and self-awareness.

Queen of Hearts’ by Sistar SunRa brushes upon dark themes and topics that include cruelty, violence, mental health problems, and domestic violence. It is a story of trials and tribulations, heartbreak, and betrayal.

In her novel Queen of Hearts, Sistar SunRa has introduced the readers to a difficult yet necessary journey of healing, liberation, and evolution that promises to keep them guessing as everyone’s secrets come out.

The protagonist, Mandisa’s faith is tested when she finds the courage to step out of her home and experience the world outside. As she starts discovering herself and the world around her, Hakim, the boy she develops feelings for, is revealed to hide a secret that could flip her world upside down. Mandisa struggles with her identity, past traumas, and the challenges she comes face to face on her journey to freedom. As she manages to escape the tyranny of her father, she must make a difficult choice—save herself or go back to her father.

“Mandisa is vulnerable. She’s brave and resilient but she’s human and flawed. This is her journey and the choices she has to make. Every choice comes with a consequence. I wanted the book to be relatable. I wanted Mandisa to be a character that everyone can resonate with in some way. She’s brilliant but has her shortcomings,” commented Sistar SunRA, talking about the main characters of her book and how she wanted them to be relatable.

The book’s main themes are tragedy, mental health, and betrayal. Sistar SunRa wanted the book to be an inspiration for people going through difficulties and help them discover themselves. Mandisa’s determination to face her demons is tested as she finds the strength to go against all odds.

Queen of Hearts” is self published by Sistar SunRA.

Dated: December 15, 2021

ISBN: 978-1915206619

Available at: https://www.amazon.com/Queen-Hearts-Sistar-Sunra/dp/1915206618/

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