Elon Musk Thinking; Jason Roe 2016 Book The Force Is In You Today’s Science Supports

April 13 04:32 2022
Elon Musk Thinking; Jason Roe 2016 Book The Force Is In You Today's Science Supports
Jason Roe CEO Kundalini Coffee Company And Non Fiction Author Shows His Harvard Cert
In 2016 Roe strongly subscribed to the idea science should learn to better perceive the Is, and what is. Roe’s book suggest yesterday’s science theories may not be so. The book proposes science formula may be flawed, designed to slow scientific progress in its quest to understand the Is. Roe says “Scientist would be rewarded when they turn their research efforts toward consciousness, and the magnetic field. Imagination persisted with, forms all we see around us, and what we think we see”.

CEO and Author, Jason Roe has collaborated with the highest ranking universities of the world facility, to mentor its students. Roe has served as real life CEO mentor of world top 5 ranked UCL under professor Marco Aponte-Moreno head of its MSc program. Mr. Roe also studied disruptive strategy under Clayton Christensen at Harvard Business School. Disrupting conventional thinking is a familiar essence in Mr. Roe’s constitution, and out of the box thinking. By way of example, Roe’s 2016 book completely rejected Einstein’s theory of relativity. The book concludes consciousness is the propelling influence to effect the belief E=MC2, regardless of its truth. Roes book doubled down on the validity of so-called formula’s, with the rejection of Pie as a formula 3.14 to infinity. Roe says, “Others in Science who lived at the time Einstein lived completely rejected Einstein theory of relativity too. Our science and school systems seem to have erased Nicola Tesla from teachings said Roe,  the irony is non there are no inventions of Einsteins I can see as I walk around the planet. Wi-Fi and alternating current shape the modern world, and are Nikola Tesla inventions. Teaching school students flawed science like Einstein formula, poses no use to any invention says Roe. You can’t invent from flawed premise… it would be likened to building a high rise when the foundation is straw. Nicola Tesla was known for illuminating consistently Einstein as invalid”. 

Mr. Roe says, “I do not go to the internet for answers, rather I follow my inner-net. The idea is, go within to the inner-net and learn to tune into, intuition”. His 2016 book publised in 80 countries on Amazon, “The Force Is In You, Magnetized Water For A Magnetized Human”, was ahead of its time. Concepts discussed in the book are just emerging today through CEO’s and visionaries like Elon Musk and Sir Richard Branson, whos Hyperloop is using Magnetics discussed in Roe’s 2016 book. One further concept Roe’s book presented is the profound idea of an iconic science fiction movie, previously though of as Fictional, to be actually Non Fiction. Roe was strategic to use, Nobel Laureate price winners in the book as strong leverage to build a solid science based argument proving The Force actually Is. Moreover, the force is in and all around, we breathe it in too, so the force permeates through us all, and in all living and perceived non-living things like a rock and a nail in your wall. “Consciousness can manipulate all that Is, into whatever the imagination can come up with” says Roe. “The science of it all is real, we need to work on the know how. The North, and South Pole create a magnetic filed of the planet, thats a push and pull energy. The air itself is magnetic. Through this lens, Humanity is bound to the Aether of the planet at a DNA and cell level through magnetic force. All is very valid, not Fictional. The Force Is in You, to validated through published science and forever into the future this concept will be considered in science as Non Fiction”.

The idea we should meditate more and go inside has been associated with other visionaries well known for their innovative ideas that shape today’s world. Nikola Tesla referred to equations and theories coming to him in the dream state. Srinivasa Ramanujan, had thousands of new mathematical ideas via his dreams, and the most famous is Dmitri-Mendeleev know for invention of the periodic tables, Medeleev claimed, came to him in a dream. Today, Elon Musk and other great minds challenge the conventional, too and appear to be very open to ideas of multidimensional realms including dreams. Likened to a modern day Nikola Tesla, Jason Roe today makes his focus to Health, Quantum Water, and the second-largest traded commodity in the world of Coffee. Kundalini Organic Coffee, is trademarked in multiple countries known for choosing innovative roasting process that compelling 79% carbon emissions reductions, compared with traditional drum-roasted coffee. Roe leads the innovative company through the lens of unconventional. “When a person thinks the same… they will get more of the same stuff just with a different energy spin (personality) from their own consciousness,” said Roe. “I prefer the idea of creating the curb, not following the curb. Our organic coffee customers like to openly speak of their measurable sales growth and results. Most all experience 500% sales growth or more. Why? When we learn to follow a model that aligns the company values to resonate with the vibe (vibrational energy) humanity, health focused, organics, global environmental cause, we go beyond the coffee cup. There is a lot more than meets the eyes. Pure intent is a vibration, and recognizing a business itself is a consciousness is important too”, said Roe. Mr. Roe is about to advance to a world platform with his new-found realization of how to roast coffee beans using no electricity, or gas whatsoever. “The process is as quick as conventional coffee roasting, however without the smoke without gas  and zero emission and carbon,” said Roe. Once again, Mr. Roe is creating the curve, his vision is the trajectory for the new normal in coffee. 

Energy Of Like Minded Thinkers Create Synchronicity meetings. Richard Branson and Jason Roe Talk in Denver Airport.

The world is coming to realization through the vision of different thinkers like Elon Musk and people who write to challenge conventionality. Jason Roe’s book the Force Is In You challenged conventionality and folks like Musk and Roe tend to operate, even thrive in the realm of unconventional and their love for being different. In 2018 the unconventional Elon Musk remarked he thinks we’re all probably trapped in a “Matrix”-like pseudo existence. SpaceX founder and CEO remarked the universe is about 13.8 billion years old, so any civilizations that may have arisen throughout the cosmos have had loads and loads of time to hone their technological know-how. Jason Roe in his book refutes traditional ideas like Einstein theory E equals MC 2. Other well known names, Sir Richard Branson, turn their focus to magnetic fields as future innovation too. Sir Richard’s Hyperloop one is using magnetic levitation. “Synchronicity is real too, said Roe. When a person vibrates at the same energy as another, universal guidance to each other occurs, be it even via seeing and reading this news article”. I ran into and spoke with Sir Richard in Denver Airport. I had not seen Sir Richard since we met in Hobart, Sir Richard dressed as Tasmanian Devil for Virgin Blue. All of this is synchronicity of the universe” said Roe who subscribes to the idea the universe puts people with like-minded energy and thinking together (consciousness). 

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