Author BCFlyers2016 Announces Upcoming New Book The Spicy Asian Erica and Ashley Series

April 13 07:31 2022
Author BCFlyers2016 Announces Upcoming New Book The Spicy Asian Erica and Ashley Series

Author Mr. and Mrs. BCFlyers are glad to announce the upcoming new storybook Erica and Ashley series. The Spicy Asian: Book 1 expected release date is April 30, 2022. So brace yourself for a fiery experience.

Apex Consulting, Erick and Ashley’s business consulting firm, allows them to meet a lot of individuals. But, are they all good opportunities? Mandi, who was thrust into the Apex family to serve as a liaison between Apex and a client, an Asian Cannabis Consulting Firm, makes an immediate impact! What is her name? Why did she get the job? Why is she so enigmatic? The perilous voyage of the Spicy Asian Persuasion begins here.

Mr. and Mrs. BCFlyers, authors, think that living is the essence of writing. Exploring the globe and the humans in it have resulted in a life full of stories they can’t wait to tell. All of their works are currently self-published. Give them a call if you want to write but aren’t sure how to self-publish.

They write individually and edit as a team. If you require assistance in editing your work, or you require a proofreader, they’re delighted to assist you. If you’re just getting started with your book, on the other hand, ask for assistance. They will market and list your book through their network. A book club is also coming soon.

On their website, they have several other books available. Stranger in a Hangar and Good O’le Chicago are two examples.

You can learn more about the writers and their books by visiting their website:

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