Birthing The New Humanity – Dr. Julie Gerland (hc) Compiles Early Parenting Advice from Global Experts in Newly Released Anthology

April 13 16:00 2022

Bonnac, France – April 13, 2022 – Coveted international speaker and social entrepreneur Dr. Julie Gerland (hc) has now released her new anthology book, Womb to Thrive: The Missing Keys to Heal Yourself, Your Family and the Planet. The book compiles expert wisdom on the topic of prenatal life, birth practices, early parenting and their consequences for future generations and the world. A multi-disciplinary international community of twenty-six authors has joined hands to share their deep moving stories, passion and knowledge. They showcase the life-long impact of early development acknowledged by global governments in the Nurturing Care Framework Document (UNICEF), and how mothers can ultimately help solve a myriad of societal issues.

Womb to Thrive contains important transformational wisdom that the world needs in order to grow in the right direction and prosper. Dr. Julie Gerland (hc) is a global advocate of the fact that children develop and inherit characters, strengths and weaknesses while they’re still in the womb. Her work focuses on healing and preventing early trauma thus eliminating the roots of violence. This starts a chain reaction towards family healing, further making way for large-scale societal healing and transformation.

In this new anthology, she has curated the most effective and in-depth guidance from global experts who share their approach towards creating a better planet. Be it understanding the importance of mothers in nurturing the world or dissecting the lasting impacts of early trauma and fears, the book is an eye-opening read for all people. It helps parents easily adapt the given advice to their own family framework.

Dr. Julie Gerland (hc) has been dedicated for the last forty years to the study and advocacy of the life-long impact of prenatal development, birth practices and early parenting for global wellbeing. A leading-edge thought leader, she was the Chief UN Representative for an NGO on prenatal education for years bringing this science and knowledge to global leaders. A best-selling co-author, educator and professional trainer, she now uses the literary niche to reach a large demographic of global readers with her unique message. She shows how the future of the planet is in the hands of mothers who make proactive choices to instill their maternal love and wisdom in their children, thus starting a movement of compassion and love for generations to come. Dr. Julie Gerland (hc) is the co-founder of Birthing The New Humanity, BTNH World, Association Suryoma and BirthTheChange.

Authors featured in the anthology along with Dr. Julie Gerland (hc) include Adela Barcia, Dr. Akira Ikegawa, Alex Florschutz, Amelie Paterne, Anthea Thomas, Cherionna Menzam-Sills, Dale Allen, Dr. Evita Fernandez, Faye Suzanne, Dr. Francois Gerland (hc), Gary Malkin, Irene Chain Kalinowski, Janel Mirendah, JoAnn Lowell, Jutta Wohlrab, Kalyani N. PhD, Karima Hakimi, Lesley Page PhD, Dr. Marilyn Mitchell, Michiko Hayashi, Moffat Osoro, Nutan Pandit, Dr. Pooja Shenoy, Dr. Thomas Verny and Yasmin Effath.

Dr. Julie Gerland (hc) is available for interviews.

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