Explore the Thrills of Human Immortality with 1000 YEARS of Talks with GOD

April 13 16:15 2022
This fast-paced sci-fi mystery by MUMPA Lawrence Durbin is an exciting read for those who enjoy thrillers with a touch of romance, humor, and spirituality.

Award-winning essayist and bestselling author of thrillers and mysteries Lawrence “MUMPA” Durbin introduces the real possibility of human immortality with his latest fantasy thriller, 1000 YEARS of Talks with GOD.

1000 YEARS of Talks with GOD focuses on Little Methuselah, Jonathon Donald – whose age is 120, face is 25, and body is 20 – who has survived the intrusion of world governments and threatening human thugs by adopting two essential strategies: seek cover when in danger and keep moving.

This fiction-fantasy thriller introduces all four JDs, featuring one Jonathon Donald who regularly interviews the Supreme Intelligence with a sense of humor getting answers to mankind’s most pressing and universal questions.

Throughout the book, Jonathon evades high-tech intelligence agencies around the globe, falls in love with a mere (and hilarious) mortal, C & W gal Megan Riles, and sometimes performs Paul Bunyan-like feats – which, unfortunately, makes it necessary for him to move on yet again. 1000 YEARS of Talks with GOD is a story about ‘getting it right.’ That humans need to learn and perfect their lives, if they just have the ‘time.’

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About MUMPA Lawrence Durbin

MUMPA Lawrence Durbin is an award-winning essayist and bestselling author of thrillers and mysteries. He often writes stories with the fantasy of all fantasies – immortality of the body or soul – as an underlying theme. MUMPA became interested in immortality thirty-five years ago while living in St. Augustine, Florida near the site of Ponce de Leon’s 1513 discovery, the Fountain of Youth.

MUMPA is a participating member of American Writers and Illustrators. He received his degree in Education and Government from Kent State University and a CFP degree from the College for Financial Planning in Denver, Colorado. He has been a CFP instructor at the University of Akron, operated a 14-person financial and estate planning firm, and has traveled the globe extensively.

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