Super Grow Delivers Intuitive Solutions that Help Small Business Owners Scale

April 13 16:30 2022
Super Grow empowers business owners to grow their eCommerce brand amidst Apple’s App Tracking Transparency.

Last year, Apple introduced App Tracking Transparency (ATT) along with a series of security changes with the iOS 14.5 update. This move has severely impacted highly-targeted advertising as it gives users the option to deny apps from acquiring tracking data. Because of this, many small businesses that rely on Facebook and Instagram’s data tracking for personalized advertisements are struggling to keep their margins and fearing the worst for their marketing game. Super Grow offers a solution by providing broad but effective marketing strategies across platforms.

Unlike other growth agencies that solely rely on Facebook or Instagram to help their clients scale, Super Grow sets itself apart by approaching digital marketing holistically. It leverages the advertising power of all major social media platforms, including Pinterest, Snapchat, and Tik Tok, and combines it with search engine traffic to determine the most profitable source of leads.

Moreover, Super Grow harnesses Email and SMS marketing to maximize lead generation, boost conversion rates, and increase backend monetization.

“Growing an eCommerce brand is hard. makes it more profitable, predictable, enjoyable, and less stressful,” says the Super Grow team.

To achieve each client’s growth goals, Super Grow follows a simple, scalable, and proven 3-step system – Conversion Rate Optimization, Google Network Funneling, and Social Media Monetization.

Super Grow’s experienced marketing team utilizes expertly crafted campaigns to enhance value offers, reduce funnel frictions, capture more prospects, and convert them into loyal paying customers. The team also connects business owners with vetted content creators aligned with their demographics to boost brand presence and ensure consistent long-term growth across platforms.

Since its establishment, Super Grow has helped scale several brands, generating over $12.3 million of revenue for its clients. In 2021, it helped a baby apparel brand go from zero to an average of $156,000 monthly recurring revenue (MRR) in just five months. It has also enabled an art store to scale to a seven-figure income within months.

Super Grow’s effective framework has consistently brought transformative changes to several eCommerce businesses struggling to get their brand out to a broader audience. Beyond delivering innovative marketing strategies, the agency is committed to each client’s long-term success, positioning them on the right path to achieving their unique goals.

Super Grow works with a diverse set of businesses that sell their products online. This includes meal prep companies, dropshippers, pet product stores, and more.

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