JASMINER wins customer reputation with service

April 13 17:18 2022

In recent years, with the growing maturity of the global crypto hash rate server market, consumers have put forward higher demands on the quality of after-sales service of mining rig brands. Excellent after-sales service has become an important part of high-end mining rig brands to enhance customer care and demonstrate brand competitiveness.

Since entering the global market in 2021, JASMINER has been a leading brand in the industry, committed to bringing the “light and efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly” value experience advocated by the brand to every global user who wants to have more computing performance and lower energy consumption and emissions. In the ever-changing mining rig market, what has won JASMINER a good reputation among consumers? Technological innovation and user after-sales service experience are the magic weapons that JASMINER has been firmly in control.

Relying on the newly revamped and upgraded official website, JASMINER provides global consumers with a unified, fast, transparent and reassuring one-stop after-sales service. On the JASMINER website, JASMINER provides users with quality after-sales solutions and professional after-sales service throughout the entire life cycle, from personalized “product manual and firmware” selection after the delivery of new machines to maintenance, repair, and professional technical consulting services during the use of mining machines, to take care of global crypto users mining worry-free.

Although the size of the JASMINER X4 series of hash rate servers is small, it has a very high technological content and high professional requirements for installation and debugging. With the support of JASMINER after-sales service, users can fully experience the convenience brought by technological progress. In response to the personalized needs of global customers for high-quality mining, JASMINER takes “customer communication” as the starting point, and has achieved both word-of-mouth and business growth. For example, on the JASMIENR website, users can contact customer service advisors through multiple channels to solve technical problems with products in an accurate and timely manner.

In the past two years, JASMINER has continued to optimize and deepen its business in the service field, which not only promotes the continuous improvement of customer service experience and user satisfaction, but also feeds JASMINER’s products to penetrate into the global market and gain wide recognition.

The star products represented by JASMINER X4 High-throughput Mini server, 1U server and 1U-C server are loved and concerned by users all over the world, and really let more families have cost-effective hash rate configuration by improving hash rate parameters and reducing power consumption values. In 2022, the JASMINER X4 series of products held the first place in the market share of high throughput computing server, which not only reflects the core business philosophy of “customer first” taking root in the global market, but also means that the ultimate innovative products and excellent after-sales service have won the recognition and trust of consumers.

In order to bring users a better service experience, this year, JASMINER officially launched the new high-throughput “quiet” server X4-Q, which has significantly optimized the cooling system and core performance. Compared with the previous generation, X4-Q’s hash rate level is increased to 1040MH/s ±10%, and supports ETHASH and ETCHASH algorithms, which improves the comprehensive computing performance by more than 50%. At the same time, the JASMINER X4-Q consumes only 480w ±10% power, with a low power consumption ratio of 0.48 ±10% J/MH.

It is worth mentioning that this new product is one of the few mining rigs on the market with “quiet” as its flagship feature, changing the industry problem of huge noise and serious energy consumption of mining rigs in the past. Due to the new dual-fan with cooling technology design, JASMINER X4-Q cooling performance compared to the previous generation of products to make a qualitative leap, the fan of the comprehensive upgrade to ensure that the noise level ≤ 40 db. At the same time, the JASMINER X4-Q’s 3U standard form with hidden lugs on both sides makes it very compact and outstanding in appearance, which also predestines it for lower noise and stronger heat dissipation, and can be applied to different environments with working temperatures from 0-40°C, such as home bedrooms, IDC rooms, professional venues, etc.

In the process of globalization, JASMINER has won the trust and recognition of hundreds of millions of international customers by continuously upgrading its products and services with the brand value of “high throughput and low power consumption” as the leader. Looking to the future, JASMIENR will continue to practice its “customer first” management philosophy to ensure that it can consistently provide quality services to its customers. JASMINER has earned a reputation and trust and has established a leading position in the industry by enabling customers around the world to use and enjoy their lives with peace of mind and enhancing the happiness and satisfaction of the encrypted world.

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