“Venture Capital Debit Card”, the Card That Turns Everyone Into a Venture Capital Investor

April 13 13:58 2022

The Black Unicorn Factory is set to release a new Debit Card Startup which Builds wealth instead of just being used to spend and pay the bill. The new Venture Capital Debit card is the first of its kind, a debit card that will match every dollar you spend of your money with a dollar to invest.

“This is going to really disrupt the debit card market,” says John Stewart, founder of the Black Unicorn factory, a Pre IPO Startup Accelerator in Los Angeles. “Most debit cards today are only designed to pay bills and there are a few others that build credit today but there isn’t any debit cards that build wealth. Now anyone can be an Angel investor,” says Stewart.

The Venture Capital Debit levels the financial playing field because it matches every dollar you spend on things you normally would spend money on, with an “Equidollar” which can be used to invest in over 100 pre IPO companies on a clear path to going public”. The Venture Capital Debit will level the financial playing field because people will no longer be limited by how much money they have or don’t have. There is no need to change what you do each month, he exclaimed. It’s the first debit card that builds wealth for all who lack the ability to invest. It’s’ a risk-free way to invest and build wealth. because you’re not using a dime of your own money to invest.

This is OPM or Other People’s Money to Invest at it’s finest says Stewart. The Venture Capital Debit card removes having to save, budget or cut back to invest. The Venture Capital Debit Card is scheduled to be released June 19th 2022. As a result of the lack of investing the wealth gap keeps getting wider and wider.

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