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April 13 18:54 2022

Guangdong Cawolo Health Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise in cooperation with Japan and South Korea. The production plant is located in Nanhai New Light Source Industrial Base, Foshan, covering an area of more than 8,000 square meters. It has its own research and development and design team. It is a leading electrolytic and hydrogen-rich equipment research and development enterprise in China and it has been committed to the technical development and product development of electrolytic equipment in the field of water treatment, production products that are exported to home and abroad, the existing industrial PEM hydrogen machine products and home PEM hydrogen machine and agricultural products.

Home series include hydrogen-rich water cup, hydrogen-rich water machine, hydrogen machine, hydrogen eye machine, hydrogen bathtub, home electrolytic water machine, disinfectant generator, etc.

Industrial products include: PEM hydrogen generator, water generator, large electrolytic water generator, large hydrogen-rich water generator, strong alkaline / strong acid electrolytic water generator

Agriculture includes:1 ton agricultural water machine, a 2-ton agricultural water machine, and a project customized water machine.

Cawolo supports all OEM / ODM services, and professional and technical engineers answer questions one to one online to solve any problems encountered in pre-sale during, and after sales.

The company’s hottest hydrogen pump series is already in short supply in China. It uses SPE technology, and the core membrane area of the electrolytic tank takes DuPont 117 proton membrane as the basic membrane, supplemented by a chemical precipitation method. After more than 40 hours of slow precipitation and basic film form a whole, different from the cheap industrial film made by the thermal pressure method, it can effectively isolate harmful substances such as residual chlorine and ozone and has a safer and longer service life.

At the same time, it also has TDS water quality detection, anti-tilt, regular work, and other convenient functions, which are highly praised by the market.

Currently, the company’s products are in the United States, Japan, India, Spain, Poland, Russia, Pakistan, Korea, Canada, Canada, Switzerland, Greece, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Germany, Australia, France, Italy, Brazil, and other countries get the market praise, more and more customers through YouTube, Tik Tok, Google, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other channels to find us.

Professor Xu believes that the human body absorbing hydrogen is the best way to “detoxify”. It can remove excess, harmful free radicals and protect the mitochondria and the nucleus.

On the one hand, it can inhibit cancer cells, on the other hand, it can ensure a collective sufficient energy supply to improve patients’ symptoms and quality of life.

“Hydrogen” can cure diseases, naturally is “medicine”, but it is non-toxic, is the natural health magic weapon from nature to mankind.

Cawolo has been trying to practice the professor’s theories and strive to provide higher concentrations, safer hydrogen pumps, and help more people regain their health.

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