Selling an iPhone Reduces e-Waste with a Handsome Amount in Return

April 13 14:56 2022
Selling used iPhones at a great price is easy and efficient with Mobile Guru in just a few simple steps.

Melbourne, Australia – With the advancement of new-age technologies, most people choose to update their phones much before their lifespan runs out just to get their hands on more powerful gadgets with new automation. This is widely popular amongst iPhone users across Australia. It results in the phones and tablets that are still worth a significant amount getting retired to a drawer. Not only do people lose the opportunity to earn more money in the process, but it also increases the amount of e-waste generated. Mobile Guru in Australia is a business where people sell their iPhones and other devices to get a handsome amount in return. They guarantee the best cash for phones that are damaged or used. 

A spokesperson said, “Mobile Guru is becoming the future for people who want to sell their old phones easily. Integrating advanced technologies and algorithms makes it easy for us to offer a better experience to the customers in Australia, providing them with the best price for their old devices. All it takes is a few clicks to place a selling order with us!”

● Mobile Guru offers an easy and straightforward way to sell iPhone.

● Mobile Guru is now offering competitive prices for selling old phones.

● People in Melbourne can get new phones in exchange for an old iPhone from Mobile Guru.

Mobile Guru has recently implemented a new process to make the sophisticated selling procedure easy, along with the best price for any old device. Besides people getting the best package for their old iPhone, the entire process has been made fast and efficient to make the sale process fast with a high level of convenience.

The first step is to create a sell order by selecting the model and condition of the old phone. After that, three options will be available to the customers through which they can send the device to the team of Mobile Guru – satchel, self-post, or drop off. On selecting the satchel option, the customers will get a satchel with a return label from the company that helps to securely send the device. The package has to be posted by the customer. Selecting the self-post option is great if it is an emergency and the person cannot wait for the satchel to arrive. On selecting drop-off, the individual has to go to the Mobile Guru office and drop the device off to the person in charge. No delivery charges will be applied for sending the phone to the company. Once the device is received by the company, they will verify the condition of the device and compare it with the condition mentioned on the sell order. The payment will be processed instantly if the condition matches the mentioned state. The revised price will be provided to the customers if the said condition is not matched.

The spokesperson explained, “We have optimized the selling process so that it is easy for the customers. We have come across people who keep asking me how I can sell my iPhone, so this process can be a great deal for them. Our main focus is to make the business more efficient along with providing the sellers with good cash for phones. We definitely recommend people to use our services if you want to get the best deals!”

About Mobile Guru:

Mobile Guru is a leading buyer of old and damaged devices in Australia. The promise is to offer the best rates through an efficient and easy process. There are various options available with them through which the payments can be completed.

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