NyX Exchange Set To Officially Launch To Disrupt The Crypto Trading Space

April 14 01:10 2022
NyX Exchange Set To Officially Launch To Disrupt The Crypto Trading Space
User-friendly digital currency exchange, NyX Exchange, announces plans to officially launch in Q2 2022 to deliver stress-free asset-backed trading to crypto enthusiasts worldwide

Vilnius, Lithuania – Apr 14, 2022 – The debut of the new NyX Exchange is coming quickly and will help traders access more than 50 cryptocurrency assets without the hassles that come with other platforms. The platform is quickly being labeled “the Future of Asset-backed Trading” by crypto insiders. The platform will be made available in Q2 2022, with its innovative characteristics and capabilities set to raise the bar in digital currency trade.

Over time, the cryptocurrency trading market has changed considerably. Several trading platforms have emerged over the years to meet the increasing and varied demands of crypto and blockchain enthusiasts worldwide. Many of the existing crypto exchanges, on the other hand, do not effectively address users’ issues, primarily owing to the difficulty in interpreting charts and technical jargon. However, NyX Exchange seeks to change this narrative while opening up the crypto trading space by accommodating asset-backed digital assets.

NyX is the most exclusive destination for RoRa™ asset-backed coins, with features such as IP monitoring and real-time notifications of strange access to their account, OTPs for security and authentication, and NyXReliability. A core functionality for validating the capacity of a firm to receive, store, and transmit digital assets. NyX Exchange also offers the NyX Wallet that enables users to trade multiple cryptos in minutes, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Rora Prime, and a host of others. The company’s objective is to provide the most innovative and effective trading solutions by providing greater connectivity, faster transaction speeds, and improved client market data feeds. The solution will include a turnkey offering including real-time OMS (Order Management System) integration that allows traders to quickly generate buy/sell orders. Similarly, NyX Exchange deploys authenticated infrastructure penetration testing monthly to simulate an attack by a hacker with access to the account holder’s perimeters.

The user-friendliness of NyX Exchange and the plethora of features and benefits set the exchange up for greatness in the evolving blockchain space. For further information about the soon-to-be-launched crypto exchange, visit – https://www.nyxexc.com and Instagram.


Our goal is to make trading as appealing and straightforward as possible for anybody. Investing is one of the most effective methods to increase your money, yet it may appear perplexing, costly, and unattainable for many individuals. NyX is changing all of that. We’re a technology firm that gives simple, worry-free investing to everyone through a beautifully designed, user-friendly desktop and mobile solution. We make it easy for you to invest in the cryptocurrencies you believe in.

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