Solidity Finance is excited to announce various partnerships to further drive their mission of securing DeFi protocols

April 14 19:00 2022
As the second most popular auditing company in 2021, Solidity Finance is excited to announce various partnerships with DxSale, KYC Capital, and UniCrypt Network.


Washington, D.C. – April 14th, 2022 – Solidity Finance is well-reputed in the community and is trusted as a top smart contract auditing company for the review of smart contracts, no matter how complex. As the second most popular auditing company in 2021, the firm is excited to announce various partnerships with DxSale, KYC Capital, and UniCrypt Network, which provide presales for tokens, token lockers, and related services on a variety of blockchains. That comes as thrilling news as Solidity Finance has been recognized as a trusted audit partner for DxSale, and will help secure future projects launched on the platform. 

“Partnerships are critical”, says Daniel Johnson, Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer at Solidity Finance , “As a company that aims to make a positive impact in the space now and in the long run, we know that teaming up with leading firms with aligned values will allow us to fully realize our goal of providing our customers with affordable yet intensive smart contracts audits”. 

Solidity Finance is an expert in blockchain security and smart contract audits. “As a technical advisor, the company has completed security reviews for over 1200 projects”. It has a team of experienced solidity smart contract auditors, which performs audits for tokens, NFTs, crowdsales, marketplaces, games, financial protocols, and more. The company leverage a combination of static analysis, automated tools, and a robust manual review process to provide industry-leading security recommendations to project teams. 

The Solidity Finance process goes in easy-to-follow steps, starting with Automated Testing, which is a simulation of a variety of interactions with the client’s Smart Contract on a test blockchain leveraging a combination of automated test tools to determine if any security vulnerabilities exist. Then, the In-Depth Manual Review, where manual line-by-line code reviews take place to ensure the logic behind each function is sound and safe from common and economic attack vectors. Finally, Resolution of Issues and Publishing the Audit Report, where results are boiled down into detailed reports along with recommendations so developers can easily resolve issues within their smart contracts. A Solidity Audit results in secure & stable smart contracts and an easy-to-read report that both developers & the project’s community can interpret and understand.

About Solidity Finance 

Solidity Finance was founded in 2020 and quickly grew to become a top-tier smart contract auditing firm with one of the most experienced and well-equipped smart contract auditing teams in the industry. On top of providing audit services, Solidity Finance partners with KYC providers, listing managers, and legal experts. Contact Solidity Finance to obtain a free quote for a smart contract audit.

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