ExJade Announces New Collection of Premade Fans at Affordable Prices

April 14 18:42 2022
ExJade Announces New Collection of Premade Fans at Affordable Prices
ExJade offers a wide collection of pre-made fans. The product is available in various sizes and amounts, plus a more affordable price with the current promo event.

ExJade, a professional lash supplier, launches a new collection of premade fans available in various sizes and volumes. Customers can get a minimum of 16 fans to the highest amount of lashes available in one package, which are 320 fans. As for the volume, this store offers 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 8D, 10D, and 12D. Each volume is available for a different amount of lashes in one package. Furthermore, this store also launched a discount and promo event for the premade fan collection. All products in the premade fans collection are now available at much lower prices than their original prices. Unfortunately, the discount event won’t last forever. Each product with a discount in this collection is available in limited stock. Customers should buy them right away before it runs out and the event ends.

As a professional eyelash supplier, ExJade has a huge collection of eyelashes. Premade fans’ eyelashes are only one of many types among them. In addition to these products, the customer can also find Premium Eyelash Extensions, Easy Fan Lashes, Ellipse Flat Lashes, Colorful Eyelashes, and YY Lash. Furthermore, customers also don’t need to leave this store when they want to get accessories or tools that help them for wearing eyelashes purchased from this shop. It also provides various lashes accessories. All products in the store are made by ExJade. It is not only a store for eyelashes. The company does everything from selecting materials to creating eyelashes and then selling them on its online store. As a supplier, ExJade also offers bulk order services for eyelash stores from all around the world.

According to ExJade, “We always want to provide the most satisfying experience to our customers by providing products from the best raw material, made with the best technology, and turn them into  high-quality products that you can wear without any problems. Premade fans are one of the best products we are proud of. This product has the best quality and better design than other brands. Moreover, we are also always ready to make sufficient inventory to supply our partners from all over the world. The discount event also will be a regular event. So, we hope you also look forward to it in the future.” For more information, it is available at ExJade’s official website.

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