Songwriter and Music Producer Nick Caster is back

April 14 21:00 2022

Nick Caster is no stranger to the music scene. He has been in the spotlight over the years because of his incredible and soulful melodies. Nick is one of a kind multi-genre music artist, producer, DJ, and songwriter. He is someone who connects with diversified audiences with his music variety that revolves around multiple genres. He has had multiple Billboard & iTunes Top 10 placements in Rock, Electronic, Pop, and Christian music. Nick has always amazed his audience with his work and music masterpieces, the reason being his hard work, love, and dedication for the art.

Despite having a successful musical career, a lot of people are unaware that at one point Nick decided to leave all of it behind and give up on his wonderful musical career. The question stands that why someone would give up all of his success and hard work. The reason behind Nick giving rest to his guitar and pen was the death of his fiancé, Dawn Madisso.

Dawn Madisso was a Radio DJ. Nick met him in Phoenix where he was working on a recording at the beginning of 2019. Nick started liking her from the very moment he laid his eyes on her. Nick and Dawn started working together for a while and Dawn used to record his songs. After some time they decided to move to Las Vegas and got a place together. Dawn had a history of cancer. She was being treated at MD Anderson and Nick was all supportive. Things were going flawlessly between them and Nick started to feel ‘that magical’ connection with her. In the same year, Nick proposed to her and she said yes.     

Musician Nick Caster and Dawn Madisso were engaged. They were spending a dream living together but destiny had other plans. One day while walking together with Nick, Dawn started to feel weird. She was not feeling good so he decided to take her to the hospital. The doctor revealed shocking news to Nick that he didn’t expect. Nick’s life was about to take a 180-degree shift when he came to know that cancer has not only come back but had spread to both of her lungs. It was too late and beyond treatment.    

Nick and Dawn decided to spend more time together in her remaining days and they did. On the 14thof April 2019, Dawn passed away. It was a lot for Nick, a huge loss. To overcome the pain of losing his loved one, Nick needed to heal so he decided to take a break from everything. He parked his music career and isolated himself because that’s what losing someone special does to you.

With the grief of losing his partner, Nick lost his passion for music as well. Despite the pain, he chose to do what was best for him and started to focus on his other business. He penetrated through the emerging markets and started working with S.A.F.E. Structure Designs where he provided them consultancy services. Nick also worked for a Las Vegas-based Military Fabrication Company. 

Doors begin to open for Nick as he stepped into different fields and started working on new ventures. Success came his way as he provided digital consultancy services with his expertise. Nick has been working as a celebrity agent for emerging celebrities providing them with the opportunities they were looking for. Nick also signed a deal with Hilton Hotels and chains to secure Covid compliant, private property festivals to help artists gain more exposure through large audiences. He incorporated, Elite Entertainment, LLC with a private partner, the company act as a booking agency working with selected artists who fit a specific profile and criteria for the Florida Beach, Clearwater, Sarasota, and Miami markets.

While working on several ventures Nick decided to make a comeback in the music industry once again. With the success he has seen with pretty much anything he has placed his efforts into, everything looks pretty promising as this comeback seems to be stronger than ever. 

Currently, Nick is working on his new song with musicians like Alexis Taylor who has a country-wide fan following and he is very excited to launch his next single. Despite the tragedies, Nick didn’t let his fans down and kept going because according to him you can achieve everything in your life by putting your mind and soul into it, you just got to believe in yourself. It is great news for his worldwide fan base that Nick Caster is coming back with a new passion to inspire the fans. So brace yourselves for some soulful music coming your way.      

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