Newt Gingrich and Legacy Precious Metals CEO, Charles Thorngren, Discuss Financial Protection Practices In Today’s Economic Climate

April 15 16:24 2022
Industry Expert Charles Thorngren Share Insights On How Precious Metal Investment Can Protect Financial Future Amidst Precarity of Today’s Economy.

The challenges of present-day global markets are apparent and pose as significant factors to financial decision-making of people. With the enduring pandemic, rising gas prices, problems with supply chains, and alarming inflation (the highest on record in over 40 years), planning the financial freedom for one’s future could be daunting to many.

In his podcast show, professor and former house speaker Newt Gingrich has invited investment expert, Charles Thorngren, for an in-depth discussion on the topic of precious metal investments.

Charles possesses over twenty years of experience in finance and is a recognized leader in precious metals. He currently serves as the CEO of his own company, Legacy Precious Metals.

In the 40-minute interview, Charles also shares his personal story from serving as a jet mechanic for the US Airforce to becoming a stock broker in Los Angeles.

Having been in the stock brokerage business since 1995, Charles had seen his way through many critical events in the finance market including the recession in 1998 and 2002, the housing market crash in 2008, to name a few. He, therefore, carries a profound understanding of the risks involved in making an investment.

At one point, facing an issue of inflation and dollar problems, Charles turned to the potential of gold and silver investments which at that time was a relatively unknown choice for investors. While conducting research, he was able to conclude that precious metals had an inverse relationship with the dollar which directly addressed the problem his clients had with inflation and a weakening dollar.

“With global markets in flux for the foreseeable future, there has never been a better time to invest in precious metals,” stated Thorngren.

After spending several years learning about this new found facet of the industry, he became a personal investor of precious metals and had helped numerous clients protect their wealth and secure their retirement through this niche market. Charles now continues to impart his knowledge through the services of his company.

Legacy Precious Metals provides transparent opportunities for people interested in investing in gold and precious metals. Legacy Precious Metals focuses on education first to help their clients understand whether precious metals are right for their personal situation. They give potential buyers complete freedom to purchase at their own capacity and confidence with a non-pressure sales approach. Investors are also assured through the company’s buy back program, allowing them to withdraw their investment whenever they need it.

More than just opportunities, the family-owned business shares invaluable education to every client about this less explored market.

“We help our clients make smart, safe, and successful investments that protect their wealth while securing their financial futures,” explained Charles.

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