Crypto Project 100 Days Ventures Live 1.6 Million Dollar Presale

April 15 17:32 2022
We’re still Finance, we just venture into much much more

Welcome back Space Cadets! We’re going this short and sweet, as we’re loading up the presale shuttle and don’t want you to miss out!

Key Concepts:

  • How the intention behind the selection for the core team allows us to confidently aim at revolutionizing DeFi
  • Our intentional meaning when we state the word: Ecosystem
  • Our vision for sustainability and utility through our $ASTRO token
  • Presale Details: Friday — April 15th at 13:00 UTC | No whitelist required

100 Days Ventures

About 100 Days Ventures: We are taking rebasing mechanics and innovating on top of it to build an ecosystem that…

How the 100 Days Team will Revolutionize DeFi?

Let’s break this down and try to understand what the team truly means by this. Currently, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is a space filled with bad actors, as we see rug pulls occur daily. We see teams overpromise and underdeliver. We see projects become irrelevant daily. These are all things in the space we understand and accept, as there simply are no other options being presented. The 100 Days team saw this and was inspired to do something the space has never seen — lead DeFi through Trust & Transparency and be a team whose public and puts their name in front of their actions. The team of 100 days comes from all walks of life.

Arsh is a Co-Founder of the project and a student at Princeton University. He is a double major in Financial Engineering (ORFE) & Neuroscience. Arsh’s focus in the project is innovation and this can be seen throughout his work in the neuroscience field. Arsh is a researcher by nature having several published papers in a vast area of expertise from neuroscience to marine biology to finance. Specializing in understanding complex mechanics and ability to ascertain function — through this deep understanding being able to lead innovation and drive development. Arsh harnesses his research abilities into the Crypto world by diving into each fold the space has to offer learning the complexities of each. Understanding what works and doesn’t however keeping the concepts of finance, research and the crypto community in-tune with development in the space.

Rohit is a Co-Founder of 100 Days and a former student at Harvard University. Rohit was sought after for his extensive brilliance in scaling real world business. Rohit has performed this role at several fortune 500 companies. However, executing on this business acumen and scaling a private Real Estate Trust Fund and building it to over $30 million dollars in under a year shows his true nac for business. Many individuals speak with their words, Rohit speaks by execution and resourcefulness to get the bottom line achieved. Rohit is a trusted leader with proven capabilities to successfully navigate uncharted water, 100 days being no different.

Tommy, a Core Member of 100 Days was hand chosen for this role for his extensive background and experience in the field including but not limited to the following: CTO and Co-Founder of TruTrace Technologies, the first blockchain-centric track and trace platform built for enterprise. Tommy is also founder and CEO of Heated Details, Inc. a 22-year Seattle based award winning design & development firm delivering technology and creative services to fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, Google, Mercedes-Benz. Co-founder of OrionOne Global, a revolutionary global supply chain SaaS platform. Tommy brings tremendous expertise and an impeccable track record in product development and digital marketing for web and mobile solutions. He is a widely respected and sought-after technologist.

Darryl, a Core Member of 100 Days and was hand chosen for the Community Manager role for his previous experience handling a 32,000 member community of an OHM fork with professionalism and respect. Darryl professed these values and cultivated a culture with the emphasis on education to the common investor. Darryl is a Pediatric ICU nurse every weekend, and with his chosen profession of being required to advocate for patients, families, and medical staff, as well as explain complex information at a basic level, Darryl is able to bring his professional skills to our community in a way that is unique and powerful to all that are able to experience. His work ethic and sacrifice for the team and community don’t go unnoticed and his ability to learn and push himself to higher heights, has allowed him to play more than just his community management role for 100 Days. Truly with Darryl it’s more of a question of, what will he accomplish next?

The Purpose of the 100 Days Ecosystem

The purpose of creating the 100 Days Ecosystem is to grow beyond one project, one protocol. To not have one fail safe point for our investors. To grow with the markets to innovate and trail-blaze alongside them always backing our core Astro token. We believe a downfall of crypto currently is a team will have a great idea that is truly innovative and different however this idea — or rather project will define them. We have seen this with OHM, TIME & KLIMA — all these projects were ultra successful in their time when the hype was behind them. However, like most things, the hype died down over time. This along with a few other factors lead to their inherent downfall. Now, imagine these projects with a core team hand chosen from the real world with the ability to continually bring in top talent and innovate. Continually building and supporting a core product creating further financial backing while still being able to move alongside the times. We believe in order to be successful in the current landscape it takes more than just simply having one great idea and structure — it takes a multitude of them. The only way to achieve this is a collaborative effort by continually bringing in innovative minds and building in the space.

Utility and Sustainability

When breaking down any project there are several aspects to consider looking at. Two key aspects to us are utility and sustainability. Although we are not a fork of titano nor libero as this is simply not possible as their code is not published. We embrace the concept of reflections and autostaking as we believe there are several aspects of these functionalizations that truly are a great innovation for protocol stability when used correctly. However, a key aspect these tokens are missing is truly utility and financial stability. Both of these aspects go hand and hand — we plan to introduce several areas of utility through our ecosystem of projects all backing our core Astro token. To see all of the different utility structures we will be implementing please take a look at our roadmap. However, one I would like to highlight today is the concept of 100 Days Resurrection and to understand how utility is the key mechanic missing from this space of autostaking. Unfortunately the one aspect of crypto that never changes is projects failing. Their core model might not be ideal but their subsequent features and community basis might be incredibly strong but because of their core feature not hitting certain parameters the project inherently fails. Currently there is nobody beside their inherent community of investors looking out for projects in these difficult situations. Through the utility of Astro token we look to be a gateway for projects in this particular situation to help support their communities, to connect, partner and rebrand them to the power they are capable of. To bring these projects to the light they deserve under the 100 day umbrella. We look to accomplish this by tapping into the true power of autostaking, rebasing and reflections with the goal being to save projects in these situations and offer resurrection as a service. A model built upon the core autostaking functionalities innovating and saving communities and projects all over DeFi. This is simply one way we look to bring utility through Astro token.

The next aspect to understand is sustainability and what this truly means. Being an autostaking token, “sustainability” from an APY standpoint is executed via smart contract. The key question to ask is how sustainable the project is from a financial perspective. Currently most autostaking projects generate revenue through reflections or better known as taxes as well as treasury investments. Now while both of these mechanics can work extremely well — to rely on this and this alone can only succeed for so long. A protocol must introduce further revenue streams to truly succeed long term. We are building financial stability by creating a DeFi ecosystem of platforms all inherently supporting our core Astro token through revenue and utility. We believe the true way for any platform to be sustainable is by creating true utility as with this inherently comes a financial component. This is why our core focus is building beyond one protocol, or one chain we look to be a DeFi powerhouse of platforms.

Presale Details

Here are all the key details you need to know.

  • Presale starts: Friday April 15th at 13:00 UTC | 8 am EST
  • Presale location: You can head to our home page website and there will be a launch dapp button in the top right that will take you to where our presale is held
  • Presale price: $0.008 per $ASTRO

You will be able to $ASTRO with only the $AVAX token or $USDC.

Please note USDC.e will not be accept. You can swap for either $AVAX or $USDC on any preferred DEX.

  • Wallet limits: $500 minimum transaction — $4,000 worth of $ASTRO per wallet max.

You will be able to make several transactions, throughout presale if tokens are available. Our user-friendly UI will allow you to see how many tokens remain, and how much remains in your wallet.

Note: If you have purchased up to $3,600 in your wallet, you will not be able to make an additional purchase as the minimum of $500 would exceed the $4,000 cap. So please ape responsibly.

  • Hard cap on Presale: 200,000,000 millions tokens sold (20% of the total initial supply), which will equate to $1.6 million raised.
  • Presale will end based on whichever scenario below occurs first:

Scenario A: We hit our presale hard cap

Scenario B: 5-day window for presale concludes on Wednesday, April 20th at 13:00 UTC

No matter which scenario occurs first to conclude the presale, launch will begin within 72 hours of the presale’s conclusion. So be sure to join us and don’t forget to bring your space helmet.

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