Joyoung Launches A New Multi-Purpose Blender Every Kitchen Needs

April 18 12:51 2022

Chinese technology & appliance company Joyoung launched their latest release, the new Smart Multi-Purpose Blender, as a must-have staple in every health enthusiast’s kitchen. This high-capacity blender can mix, juice, puree, churn, and more, so you can create an endless array of juices, milks, smoothies, soups, and sauces straight from home, helping you save on your weekly grocery spending.

The healthy lifestyle trend has seen a significant rise in the past few years. We’ve seen a newfound awareness of healthy eating, healthy living, and a strong emphasis on the importance of an active lifestyle. It might start with swapping out regular milk for oat in your morning coffee or detoxing with a green smoothie every couple of weeks. While a healthy diet may be favorable, it isn’t the easiest (or cheapest) way to eat and live.

The award-winning blender is equipped with seven preset functions, allowing you to prepare your own hand-made vegan milk, ice creams, smoothies, soups, and whatever else you desire with a touch of a button. 

This smart blender boasts the benefit of creating your own healthy and delicious meals at home, with the convenience and peace of mind of knowing exactly what’s going into the food you are consuming, made with your own two hands (figuratively, of course.) The added benefit of easy-to-use functions and a touch screen make it family and dummy friendly. 

This kitchen tool helps eliminate the guesswork of figuring out which extra ingredients, additives, and GMOs are mixed into store-bought smoothies or milks. Read on for more details on this multi-functional, smart, family-friendly blender. 

Smart Touch Screen

The Smart Touch Screen makes food preparation friendly for the whole family, with easy-to-use functions anyone can understand. You can set it and forget it, as the powerful motor does the work for you, letting you get back to the more important things in life, like binge-watching your favorite series or petting your dog.

Powerful Motor Self-Cleans & Sterilizes 

This one is for the lazy folks who hate cleanup! At 1200W, this heavy-duty motor has a convenient self-cleaning option. The blade is multidimensional and die-cast, with strategic holes to cut through any ingredient, no matter how rough or tough.

The blender is equipped with a powerful 32000 RPM motor and stainless steel four-blade knife with a unique spoiler system that doesn’t only juice or blend- it also self-cleans! The “self-cleaning” mode will automatically start after the drinks have been done, or you can find the function button on the touch screen. The blender provides the full service of preparation and cleaning so that you can check off one less thing from the to-do list.

There’s also a sterilization function, which offers hands-free and high-temperature deep clean of the blender, keeping everything sanitized. Just press the button on the home screen and let the machine do its thing. 

By the way, the blender is low to 60dmb, meaning it’s quiet and won’t disrupt your evening or make any annoying, loud noises when having friends or family over. 

Oat Milk, Anyone?

The most impressive feature is its high-powered milking functionality, allowing you to create endless milk alternatives in just about three minutes, much faster than most competitive milker/juicer machines out there. 

The Joyoung Blender makes preparing vegan drinks and almond, oat, rice, or wheat milk as easy as pressing a button. Just pop in your main ingredient with your choice of liquid, and watch the milk pour. 

This is a great and cost-effective alternative for vegan or lactose intolerant individuals who are stuck with the expensive, store-bought milk alternatives. Not to mention, the machine’s capacity creates much more than the standard 1L bottle found in stores!

Preset Timer

The preset timer function on the blender has your back during those busy mornings. The 24-hour preset timer function allows you to prepare your drink a full day ahead of time, which can be helpful on those rushed mornings. Add your ingredients the evening prior, set the timer and capacity limit, and wake up to freshly squeezed milk or juice ready for you. 

Joyoung’s Multi-Purpose Smart Blender offers an exclusive premiere release discount at 33% off and is exclusively available on Soon after, the blender will be available for purchase worldwide from Amazon. 

Joyoung is a technology and home appliance company, dominating the industry for over 27 years. They create a wide range of cooking appliances and hold around 8,000 patents under their belt. 

This fully automatic blender is on Indiegogo right now. Check out more details on their crowdfunding page at

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