Meg Mindell Shares Her Views on Aging Well in International Bestseller ‘The Gift of Life: Aging Well, Aging Smart & Wisdom for the Journey’

April 18 17:27 2022
Meg Mindell Shares Her Views on Aging Well in International Bestseller 'The Gift of Life: Aging Well, Aging Smart & Wisdom for the Journey'
Meg Mindell shares handbook on joining the “healthy well” in international bestseller with her book, ‘The Gift of Life: Aging Well, Aging Smart & Wisdom for the Journey’

Meg Mindell, licensed clinical social worker who has over 24 years of experience working with chronically ill, terminally ill and the disabled population has become an international best selling co-author. Her book, ‘The Gift of Life: Aging Well, Aging Smart & Wisdom for the Journey’, co-authored with Martha Henderson, shares meaningful information and personal stories that provide wisdom for aging well. Martha Henderson is a geriatric nurse practitioner and doctor of divinity and shared insights from her 40 years of experience in nursing and spiritual care in this book. 

“It’s my life’s mission to work with older adults and advocate for them as they age in place,” says Meg Mindell. “It’s an honor to walk alongside each client during such a vulnerable and sacred time within their life. I am committed to making a difference in the lives of those who are aging, chronically ill, or terminally ill.”   

Meg is a passionate advocate for the aging and those caring for loved ones. She helps caregivers and families navigate a tough and overwhelming journey.  

Camilla Taft Hicks helped bring the book to publication following the death of co-author Martha Henderson.   As Martha’s niece, she was inspired by her aunt’s commitment to helping people have a “good death.” After Martha’s death in 2018, Camilla learned that not publishing this handbook on aging well – a reflection on a lifetime of pioneering end-of-life care – was Martha’s greatest regret. Camilla committed to sharing the wisdom on aging well that Martha wrote of in the book.

In her book, Meg states every aging person deserves to be treated with respect, dignity and love. She loves to walk the aging journey with clients and implement any needed services such as: medical providers, nursing visits, companion or home health aides, pet therapy and even a snow plower.

She works hard to prevent re-hospitalizations by helping people age in place and participates in funerals to make sure the death wishes of her clients are honored.

In the book, readers will discover the importance of planning their aging Journey and reflecting on their desires and wishes. They will get a better understanding of navigating the complex healthcare system after a hospitalization, rehabilitation, surgery, home care, etc.

In the book, Meg states that aging well depends on how people live and plan for their aging years. Meg suggests that people discuss all their wishes with their loved ones as it can provide peace of mind.

“Take a moment to notice what brings your joy and fills your spirit up,” Meg says “Who do you enjoy being with? What activities do you enjoy the most? Our culture focuses on “doing” and “accomplishing.” As we age with grace, it is an opportunity to just “be” and take a moment to sip a cup of tea and watch a sunrise.”

Meg says the last few years have been difficult, painful, challenging, and grief-stricken for many people. It is an awakening for many as these years have shown that death can come unexpectedly at any age. Planning well can help prevent suffering in the future.

About Meg Mindell:

Meg Mindell LCSW, C-ASWCM is the Regional Director of Care Management and Counseling Services at Caring People, Aging Life Care Professional. She is the Founder and President of Halcyon Elder Care, LLC. Meg is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Certified Advanced Social Work Case Manager. She is certified as a National Bereavement Counselor and is a National Association of Social Workers member. In addition, Meg is a member of the Aging Life Care Association and served on the Board for six years.

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