Google Certified Professional Builds Hailed For Personally Building More Apps than the Software Companies in Trinidad and Tobago

April 18 16:56 2022

As a freelancer and Google Certified Professional, Sharuhk Singh is clearly leading the IT industry in Trinidad and Tobago as the first individual to build more apps than any company in the country. In Sharuhk’s words, “As of now, I have secured more development contract than any other person or company in my field.” This is no small feat and Sharuhk is taking praise for his achievement. 

Sharuhk is moving quickly and happens to be the only freelancer doing what he’s doing on a scale as large as his. At this rate, it will take a very long time for any other freelancer in the country to meet up with this unicorn. The number 1 freelancer also takes pride as one of the first people to be Google Certified in Trinadad and Tobago. 

Alongside being Google Certified, Sharuhk also owned and managed a Google Certified Company, for a period of time. Certified Companies are knowledgeable about Google Marketing Platform products and they use their expertise to provide exceptional service to their customers. These services range from consulting and training to product implementation and technical support.

This was a huge win for him as this not only revealed his prowess but exposed him to a larger pool of clients who wanted to work with him to get their products digitized. What’s most interesting is that Sharuhk achieved all of this in 6 years. As a young professional and creative, Sharuhk dedicates most of his time to his clients’ needs, ensuring that their brand image is well represented in the products he creates for them. 

With Sharuhk’s products, medium to semi large companies have been able to partly or fully automate their workload, leaving space for more productivity and creativity. This has earned him glowing five star reviews from his community of clients and partners. 

This freelance developer can be found across social media but he is more active on TikTok, dropping free scholarly and IT development tips. Sharuhk is an embodiment of discipline and a person who doesn’t stop until he gets what he wants. This is reflected in his TikTok account, Sharuhk.Singh that he grew from 0-7000 followers in a week with over 15 videos. 

Sharuhk is however not slowing down anytime soon as he’s more determined than ever before to do more than he has done before. According to him, “I am on track to develop and publish more apps this year than any company or person in my country.”

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