Fleet Management GPS Tracker Provides Actionable Data for Improved Productivity

April 18 19:54 2022

A fleet management GPS tracker is more than just a device that provides the actual-time location of vehicles or equipment. Managers can use the data collected by these trackers to make better decisions and improve productivity. 

The fleet management solutions help businesses achieve their goals cost-effectively and resourcefully. Whether it’s a small car fleet or a large truck fleet, their solutions make daily operations more accessible and productive. 

The next step in the evolution of IoT asset tracking has arrived with the launch of our new line of temperature sensors. 

Fleet GPS Tracker   

Businesses can reduce operational costs, improve customer service and streamline preventive maintenance with top-quality GPS fleet management vehicle solutions. 

They are committed to providing their clients with the most detailed information about their vehicles. 

Their products also help make sure employees stay safe while traveling around town, delivering goods right into people’s homes every day; all this saves both money (reducing expenses) and boosts production because there isn’t any downtime involved in getting new items delivered.

IoT Asset tracking    

The ability to track, monitor, and manage assets is crucial in the logistics industry. Eelinktech has developed an asset tracking device that can be utilized to track, monitor, and manage assets in various environments. The device utilizes advanced cellular technology that utilizes low power and prolongs battery life.

It is possible to track, monitor, and manage a range of mobile and fixed assets in different conditions by simply tracking and monitoring.

Automotive GPS Tracker

The GPS tracking devices we manufacture for our clients are some of the most innovative and cutting-edge in their field. 

They have a diverse product portfolio that ranges from full-fledged automotive systems to personal vehicles like bikes or cars – catering specifically to every type of need.

IoT Temperature Sensors  

The remote sensor is a great way to monitor the temperature of your food without being nearby. It can also provide valuable information on where the hottest or most excellent spots are within the warehouse so that all rooms have proper shelving for properly storing perishable items!

Real-time temperature & location tracker   

For those responsible for the safe and timely delivery of their goods, real-time cargo tracking is essential. With Eelinktech’s Real-Time Trackers and Oversight online portal, one can access real-time data and receive critical alerts on their computer, tablet, or smartphone  — whether one needs to monitor and protect the temperature of perishable foods on the road, identify the specific location of a shipment of potentially life-saving medicine, or verify the security of high-value merchandise in transit. 

Eelinktech gives you visibility into in-transit cargo shipments at your fingertips to streamline your supply chain and make critical decisions based on real-time data.

Asset tracking devices

The Relink asset tracker device is a must for any business that has to worry about the safety of their equipment. It lets the monitor everything from light level and shock level to battery life cycle monitoring all in one place.

Trailer tracker  

When an organization needs to find a trailer with specific information, they can use this tracker GPS. This will give them peace of mind knowing that the equipment is safe and sound. GPS trackers are a valuable tool for fleet management. 

Final Thought

By understanding these devices’ data, managers can make better decisions and improve productivity. As a result, their fleet management solutions help businesses achieve their goals cost-effectively and resourcefully.

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