Introducing CineaCloud, a First-of-its-Kind Full Suite Film Management Software

April 18 20:24 2022
Film production has now become simpler with the introduction of CineaCloud, a cloud-based platform that provides filmmakers an online solution to make the filmmaking process less time-demanding and costly

CineaCloud is a film management software that was designed to help filmmakers bridge the gap between planning and execution. CineaCloud provides an elaborate fleet of 25 apps to assist content creators for every segment of the filmmaking process. In the Development phase, CineaCloud provides Story Map, Beats, Script, and Treatment apps. Shot Design, Budget, Props, Shooting Scheduler, Storyboard, Location, Project Scheduler, and more are among apps in the pre-production category.

“Our solution helps content creators go from initial story idea to final film distribution,” explained Manee Osman, Co-Founder & CEO of CineaCloud. “CineaCloud is a film and production management solution that helps creators streamline their workflow. Allowing content creators to organize their ideas, write their scripts, plan, budget, schedule, collaborate, and distribute their work. All on one platform.”

Content creators can access apps such as Call Sheet, Progress Report, and Dallies, for production. CineaCloud offers VFX Review, Edits, and Audio Review for the post-production phase. In the final phase, Distribution, the management software offers Electronic Press Kits, Film Festivals, and a Distributor List app. CineaCloud has put filmmakers on the cutting edge of content creation by providing solutions that streamline processes and helps filmmakers forge ahead, fulfilling their vision.

One of the impressive features of the CineaCloud film management software is its pricing. The platform offers a free plan and a very affordable premium plan. Content creators can choose whichever plan fits them and have the liberty to cancel at any time.

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About CineaCloud

CineaCloud is a film management platform created to help creators take their projects from initial idea to final distribution. With a massive array of apps and software solutions, CineaCloud is undoubtedly the most innovative technological option available to the filmmaking industry.

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