Forget going to the moon, artist Nathan Bond’s NFT “Sweet Baby Jebus” will take Everyone to Heaven.

April 18 22:00 2022

On April 17, 2022, Easter Sunday – Sweet Baby Jebus (SBJ), a compelling new NFT project, is minting on OpenSea. SBJ was created by artist Nathan Bond, and unlike the mass scale projects of 5k-10k+ generative PFPs backed by large teams and powered by algos, SBJ came solely from the hands of its artist creator. On Easter Sunday, Jebus rises and “The Holy Trinity” comes to life with limited 777 unique NFTs. This mint consists of 3 sets – The Teacher, The Good Shepherd, and The Communion. Each variation is hand drawn, meticulously curated and assembled by the artist. Immaculately conceived at the collision of iconic art, pop-culture, and religious iconoclasm, Sweet Baby Jebus is compassionate, inclusive, humorous, and irreverent.

As the creator says: “I found a deep source of inspiration by combining my lifelong interests in religious imagery, biblical literature, and popular cultural archetypes and then contrasted those against our modern society. Once my penchant for sarcastic humor was added in, Sweet Baby Jebus was born! The perfect figure to tie together and enrich so many ideas. He soon took on a life of His own!”

Having taught painting and illustration at Parsons School of Design in NYC for 16 years, Nathan wanted to create images that are steeped in art history and take inspirations from iconic works throughout time. “The Good Shepard” draws influence from paintings representing Christ as a shepherd tending to his flock and cradling a lamb in his arms as in the paintings by LeBon Pasteur (1883) and Bernhard Plockhorst (1825-1907). “The Communion” calls upon the images of Christ holding the Chalice and taking the Eucharist as in the tryptic by Juanes Masip (1545-1550). Mixed in are references to the Leonardo da Vinci painting Salvator Mundi (1499-1510) and its controversy around the Orb. “The Teacher” pulls from the pages of history even further back, drawing upon one of the oldest representations of Christ from the Byzantine era in The Christ Pantocrator of St. Catherine’s Monastery at Sinai and many other mosaics, murals and stained-glass windows.

Combing all these historical touchstones with popular cultural architypes such as The Simpsons and Talladega Nights (as the inspiration for SBJ’s name), Austin Powers Mini Me, Back to the Future, Biggie Smalls, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Crypto Punks, Dr. Who, Gary Vee, Cool Cats, Good Times, Indiana Jones, Oprah, RUN DMC, Space Invaders, Mr. T, Strawberry Shortcake, Trolls, My Little Pony (as the Four Ponies of the Apocalypse) just to name few, artist Nathan Bond is creating imagery for the NFTs that have a great depth and nuance.

Besides having rich imagery and an intricate story as its visual cornerstone, SBJ is on a mission to elevate others and give back. Every Sweet Baby Jebus NFT drop will donate 10% of the proceeds to charities. Forever. SBJ intends to put the future of the donation structure into the hands of its NFT owners and take charity proposals and votes from its Discord community. Each charity will be vetted to ensure they align with SBJ values and meet our ESG and DEI requirements. As stated on their website, “In addition to many well-known organizations, we understand there are many lesser known, smaller charities doing important work. Our vision is to leverage the SBJ platform to promote awareness and help them progress toward their goals.”

The three charities that will receive donations from the first minting on 4/17/22 showcase a wide range of issues and scale. Planned Parenthood delivers vital health care, and information to millions of people. Students Rising 7 helps support and guide low-income, first-generation college students through college graduation and into the workforce. Fight Colon Cancer fights to cure colorectal cancer and serve as relentless champions of hope for all affected by this disease through informed patient support, impactful policy change, and breakthrough research endeavors.

The listing style is also a standout. Not wanting to dive into the turbulent sea of FOMO that tends to define current gum ball style collection mintings, SBJ will have all 777 of the images available for everyone to enjoy and peruse. Listing on with a timed open auction style and a buy-it-now fixed-price option, SBJ wants to create the experience of attending a gallery exhibition rather than a mystery cattle auction.

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