VEL Capitalizes on Its Successful Fundraise to Promote Work Productivity through Technology

April 19 08:00 2022
Its investment campaign has acquired a lot of traction and success so far as a next-generation work cafe that prioritizes freelancers and remote employees.

VEL is a premium utopian, technologically advanced work cafe for the 21st century that welcomes the world into a new era of work flexibility. It is fostering a workplace and culture that values dynamic, hybrid, and flexible features.

VEL’s Public Reg D/CF $2MM Fundraise Campaign led by its co-founder and CEO, Mo Hamzian, has had rapid traction from the market. The startup is solving for a generational shift in workforce behaviors and has as taken the market by storm. The momentum is largely down to VEL’s cultural footprint that is galvanizing an evangelist base.

“At VEL we accomplish twice as much, in half the time. And spend the change on life beyond the screen,” stated Hamzian.

The work cafe provides a variety of dynamic and customizable ways to gather, work, meet and unwind, ranging from reservable privacy pods and nest seats to walk-ins and more.

This one-of-a-kind job business was motivated by the surge in the number of freelancers across the state and around the world. Working from home is not always a good idea, and neither is working from a coffee shop, and this is how VEL’s work cafe model sets it apart from the competition.

With a new era of flexible work conditions on the horizon, businesses and employees must immediately adopt and adapt to this concept. VEL has taken advantage of this chance to promote itself as the next big thing in the flex-working industry by offering a premium utopian tech-forward work cafe that is unmistakably 21st century.

VEL believes that technology should make it simpler for people to enter the flow state, letting them do twice as much in half the time while also allowing them to spend more time away from their screens.

There are numerous methods to become a subscriber of VEL. Every day, clients can run a one-person empire or assemble their complete staff. The specifics will be taken care of by the team.

The VEL team is remote first and plans to rapidly grow into multiple major cities such as Charlotte, Jacksonville, Charleston and Washington, D.C.

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VEL is a premium utopian, technologically forward work cafe for the 21st century to usher the world’s transition to a new flexible era of work.

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