Natural Wraps Introduces 100% Reusable, Biodegradable, and Compostable Baby Wipes

April 19 05:08 2022
The best alternative to flushable, single-use wipes

The UK’s #1 company for branded wax wraps, Natural Wraps, has introduced its 100% natural baby wipes product, “Wypeez.” Wypeez wipes are natural, eco-friendly wipes that are completely biodegradable and compostable. They are produced from 100% cotton and natural ingredients gentle on babies’ skin. Unlike the usual flushable, disposable wipes that pose a great risk to the ecosystem, clogging sewers and filling landfills and oceans, Wypeez positively changes how baby wipes are used. 

The company understands that there is a global problem with disposable wipes because they are responsible for blockages and the huge costs deposited to remove wastes that are not decomposable and disposable. According to the Water UK, “wet wipes are behind 93% of blockages in UK sewers, a key element of the infamous giant obstacles known as fatbergs. 5,453 wet wipes were recovered from 116 Square metres of the Thames in April 2018. By 2021, global wet wipe sales of all types forecast to hit $20bn.” Additionally, In a recent report, the estimated sewage clogging cost in the UK is around £100-200m/year.

To change this method that has caused more harm than good, Wypeez offers a preferable option. Wypeez wipes are entirely natural with no chemicals applied and can get rid of germs quickly. Wypeez is uniquely packaged with a waxed storage bag, 60 wipes, and a waxed wash bag. The wipes are washable and can be used over 6 months, saving users 50% on costs as opposed to disposable plastic wipes. 

Both the storage and wash bag are made of 100% cotton and coated with a mixture of protective beeswax, natural resin, and oil, making them biodegradable and compostable as well. The bags can be used for at least 1 year if handled properly. An additional perk is that the company offers refill packs of 60 wipes that can be purchased or repeated by subscription. It also offers biodegradable, disposable bags for those who choose to dispose of the wipes. 

“Wypeez are the finest washable all-natural baby wipes made with 100% soft cotton; they feel soft and gentle on your baby even after multiple washes. Wypeez can save you over 50% on costs during a six-month period as compared to disposable wipes and even more savings using our subscription options. In addition, the storage bag, wash bag, and the wipes are completely biodegradable and compostable when you are finally finished with them, unlike standard wipes that clog up sewers, and end up in landfills, damage the environment, oceans, and wildlife,” said the company’s spokesperson.

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