The Multicultural Marketing Expert Fostering Diversity and Inclusivity

April 19 09:42 2022
Maresa Hernandez wants to help businesses cater to under-served and misrepresented demographics through multicultural marketing.

As the world increasingly shrinks into a global village, it throws up new challenges. For one, diverse cultures now have to learn to work with one another. For another, it heightens the level of offense that could occur thanks to the different cultural backgrounds at play. The latter situation discourages most businesses from spreading their tentacles into previously unknown demographics and culture. As a result, they tend to leave money on the table and remain stagnant.

Never in the history of mankind has it become most important for people to learn to navigate the cultural diversity happening in every sphere of life. Maresa Hernandez knows this all too well which is why she has taken it upon herself to educate businesses on equality, diversity, and inclusivity.

Maresa is a multicultural marketing expert and diversity coach helping business owners and marketers connect with multicultural and minority audiences who are severely misrepresented and most often sidelined. She does this by teaching them how to navigate and market their services towards under-served and untapped demographics.

Through her coaching programs, clients can learn:

–  How to foster diversity and inclusivity in their marketing strategies, and the risk of not doing so
–  The importance of multicultural marketing and how it helps businesses stand out from competitors
–  How to identify and understand cultural differences
–  How to grow customer bases with multicultural marketing
–  How to turn lucrative multicultural demographics into valuable leads & consumers

The MH Agency also uses multicultural and ethnic marketing to help scale established businesses to new heights. The agency achieves this through minority target audience research, ad creation, data analysis, focus groups, and pixel code tracking. It is interesting to note that these activities do not interfere with the running of the business. In the end, it leads to new streams of revenue and also opens new doors for the business.

Maresa draws on a wealth of experience in the multicultural hemisphere. She has spent over six years studying and implementing multicultural marketing and diversity strategies. The valuable information gleaned from such studies is what she shares with business owners and marketers from different backgrounds which has led to amazing results.

Christabella, a grateful client of Maresa’s coaching, has this to say, “Maresa’s program is truly amazing! During our intensive one-on-one workshop, we created massive momentum inside of my business. We brainstormed, collaborated, and she designed my entire digital marketing plan! And as if that wasn’t epic enough… She helped me tap into a whole new diverse market I never even knew existed. Now using the multicultural marketing plan she curated my customer base and profits have sky-rocketed!”

Hiring Maresa as a coach also grants one access to her exclusive Facebook group where one can see how other businesses are cashing in on the gems she drops. Of course, there is the chance to connect, learn, and grow with businesses that are on the same mission.

Maresa’s mission is all about making the world a better place and being a thought-provoking and motivational leader in her industry. She hopes to accomplish this by helping as many businesses as possible learn the importance of diversity and multicultural marking.

For more information about Maresa and her services, please follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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