Marvel at a Panorama of Candy-Colored Scenes with Jana Cruder’s HERSTORY & Psychedelic Skies

April 19 10:04 2022
Marvel at a Panorama of Candy-Colored Scenes with Jana Cruder’s HERSTORY & Psychedelic Skies
Along with R. Cline ARTS, artist Jana Cruder launches her first exhibit post-pandemic on April 11th at the Soho Lofts in Las Vegas.

Artist Jana Cruder returns to the growing Las Vegas Art Scene with her latest fine art photographic series, HERSTORY and Psychedelic Skies. Las Vegas, a city that launched Cruder’s fine arts career, opened the exhibition with R. Cline ARTS at Soho Lofts on April 11th. Join Cruder for the artist reception April 21, followed by an invitation-only experiential event called Tea, Tarot & Art on April 23.

Jana Cruder’s latest fine art photographic narrative series HERSTORY is a panorama of candy-colored scenes. It is a look into the complexities of feminism, the tiresome and callow demands of the patriarchy, and the aftershock of relentless cultural programming.

In this series, viewers can see the main character enter her prime, and her biological clock is ticking. She is exploring liberation from cultural norms and earning her own money while feeling disillusioned by the daily corruption, exploitation, and entrenched racism in her culture. She is feeling the pull of the expected domestic life while trying to find the right relationship with puzzling capitalistic symbols of happiness. She starts an exploration into alternate realities and psychedelics. It all opens her and her comrades to possibilities far beyond what they were told to want. As she becomes more aware of the inner workings of the MANufactured world, she feels her reality polarize between her call to be active in the world and the potential of motherhood.

HERSTORY is set in the 1970s, an era not unlike today – an era of cultural awakening (and resistance) to the symbiotic relationship of existence.

Cruder’s work is described as “profound observations and reflections on culture, programming and our roles and relationships.” “Jana Cruder’s work speaks to a level of sophistication and integrity rarely seen in the craft,” says one critic. “Cruder’s latest addition to the Barbie story, HERSTORY, tackles another complex topic of the desire to be active in the world, express and explore oneself and the feminine desire and cultural pressure of motherhood.”

From April 11th through May 6th, Cruder’s exhibit will be open for viewing, with her works available for purchase at the venue.

This event was a long time in the making with Rachel Cline of R. Cline ARTS, the curator of this show and event. She and Cruder have a long history working together in Las Vegas, with this being their first show together and their first live event post-pandemic.

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About Jana Cruder

Jana Cruder, born in the rural mountains outside of Pittsburgh, PA., is a Los Angeles based fine artist exploring the themes of gender roles, identity, and human relationships with technology, each other, and the environment. Jana’s explorations in art began at an early age when her father offered her his 1970’s Canon film camera for her high school photography class. From her first art show in the local community center in Greensburg, PA, her passion and talent were evident. She continued her studies at the prestigious Rochester Institute of Technology, the home of Kodak and the Eastman Foundation.

Upon graduation, she entered the world of editorial and commercial photography, assisting and producing for some of the world’s top image-makers. Since her first solo exhibition in 2010, Jana’s work has evolved into multiple series and cross-medium explorations, piquing interest and notice from the press that has earned her gallery and commercial recognition.

Jana Cruder curates experiences, installations, images, and videos that beckon a deeper examination of self, technology, and the environment. Asking more questions than they answer, her works mirror the subtle layers of social influences and incongruities people navigate daily. The prim-and-proper styling of specific pieces and the reserved, classically avant-garde aesthetic of others exude high-level skill with an undercurrent of irony.

Cruder’s new experimental photographic works involve projections of our natural forests in curated spaces, installing giant trash sculptures into urban environments, light shaping colored discs for spectral chakra tuning, and flesh-and-blood subjects that scientifically examines how human physicality is shaped by the technology.

Her work continues to gain attention, and current works in progress include a large scale video projection-based installation in Berlin, Summer 2022, and an experiential sculpture that promotes healing in a Room Of Rainbows 2022.

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