Digital Surgeons Redesigning the UX of Hustle Culture

April 19 10:06 2022
Digital Surgeons is a US-based demand design consultancy founded by Pete Sena, a design-led entrepreneur with a mission to inspire and unlock potential for growth in its partners and clients.

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Pete Sena, the co-founder of Digital Surgeons and a design-led serial entrepreneur, has achieved much through hard work, diligence, and sheer willpower. After working on a myriad of high-profile design projects from his University dorm room, Pete understood that success awaits those willing to dream big and put in the effort. With these sentiments as building blocks, Pete founded Digital Surgeons with David Salinas, a serial entrepreneur and investor that has launched a variety of businesses. 

Pete points out that “it’s not enough to create branded content –it has to work. It has to reach the target audiences, in the right ways, places, and times that drive action. And then you need to measure and optimize to ensure you’re getting the demand you need to grow. It’s a constant cycle of testing, learning, and adapting to the market. That’s where we come in.”

What separates Digital Surgeons from other brand design agencies and companies is thoroughness – the hustling aspect of UX design is seen in the willingness and ability to approach each project as if it was one’s own. 

Pete and David have reshaped the UX in hustling culture by embodying its most positive elements – “making dedicated, consistent, purposeful work central to your identity,” said Pete. 

Aside from being one of the most defining traits of both co-founders of Digital Surgeons, Forward Obsessed is also the name of Pete Sena’s and David Salinas’ podcast. The podcast dives deep into dialog with founders, business leaders, and entrepreneurs regarding the future of businesses and brands. 

Topper Luciani was the first guest of Forward Obsessed, talking with Pete and David about how his DTC startup Goodfair is fighting fast fashion, while Kat Hantas founder of 21 Seeds (recently acquired by Diageo) was featured in the second episode “The Future of Tequila.”

Digital Surgeons continues to partner with brands in high growth categories to explore and unlock new business-building possibilities via branding, experience design, and growth marketing.

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