Massage-Escape Offers an Elevated Massage Experience

April 19 16:30 2022
Massage-Escape Offers an Elevated Massage Experience

Massage-Escape is a massage spa that was founded by Mindy Chen, a massage therapist with over 10,000 hours of professional massage experience. Its massage services are affordable as its only charge $60 for a full-hour massage with no up-charges for different techniques. The massage spa’s massage techniques include hot stone massage, acupressure massage, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, foot massage, back walking massage, shiatsu massage, prenatal massage, and more. They do appointments and also take walk-in customers.

Answering a query, the company spokesperson said, “Although a client is not the expert in the massage, they are the one that is on the receiving end. So, they must always be vocal about how they feel. Let them inform their massage therapists about any adjustments they would love them to make. If they want them to apply more or less pressure in some areas, they should let them know. So, communication will enable one to get the most out of their massage sessions.”

When it comes to hot stone massage, it offers numerous benefits. It reduces stress, helps manage anxiety, promotes better sleep, and improves cardiovascular health. Also, it releases toxins and thus leads to better skin appearances. To enjoy the benefits, a client must choose their hot stone massage therapist carefully. At Massage-Escape, their hot stone massage service is offered by professional and experienced massage practitioners. Typically, all their specialists have a minimum of 1,000 hours of professional massage experience. They utilize a bespoke approach for each client to ensure that they all get the enhanced benefits of the hot stone massage therapy. Thus, by choosing the massage spa as their preferred destination for hot stone massage, they will get to have their massage personalized to their wants and needs for ultimate relaxation and de-stressing.

The company spokesperson added, “One doesn’t have to get a massage once as it is more of a lifestyle. However, how often one should get it will depend on their preferences, goals, and the underlying issue. If they are doing it for relaxation or preventive care, they can do it once every month. But if they are trying to address a chronic problem, then they can do it once or twice every fortnight.”

Since Massage-Escape is made up of professional and experienced therapists, they understand that each body is unique and so, their capacity to bear the heat. Therefore, before they give their clients hot stone massage therapy, they always ensure that the stone temperatures suit the clients taking the treatment. They can ensure this by relying on the information they collect about a client’s medical condition before the therapy session to learn how their body may react to the external stimuli. Moreover, to ensure that the right temperature is attained, they use professional heaters to heat the stones. Thus, with them, clients are assured of getting a safe hot stone massage. They also take good care of the hygiene aspect. So, visit the massage spa to enjoy the benefits of safe hot stone massages therapy.

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Massage-Escape is a massage spa that is diligent in its pursuit to provide an elevated massage experience for everyone they serve. They provide customized massage experiences to deliver maximum hot stone massage results.

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