Dimitra Nika, one of the most influential business women today

April 19 16:52 2022
Dimitra Nika, one of the most influential business women today
Dimitra Nika, one of the most influential business women nowadays
“MYTHS are in short ME. It is the result of a great effort and the fulfillment of a personal goal to prove, first to myself, that whoever really wants something and works hard for it, can achieve it in any work and financial environment.” Dimitra Nika.

Dimitra Nika, this name won’t be weird for anyone even slightly familiar with the world of fashion. Dimitra is well-known for being the CEO & Founder of MYA. She has studied psychology at the University of Athens. Besides, she earned her Master’s degree are in Human Resource Management at the Athens University of Economics and Business.  Dimitra Nika started her career in HR and worked for years in large multinationals as an HR manager. During this time, she started designing her own clothes that caught the attention of all girls in the company. When she recognized the admiration of her surrounding with her collection she decided to work on her own online Shop, MYA. Since then she started working two jobs until she decided to quit corporate life and only focus on her dream.

Dimitra launched her company in 2016, and currently, she has cooperated with over 90 stores in Greece and 10 countries abroad.  MYA is sewn entirely in Greece by her talented production team.

When talking about Dimitra’s Shop, the first thing that hits our mind is her latest charitable campaign when she claimed, “Seeing the current global situation with Covid-19, and having our own production team, we thought of starting the production of masks, as an act of support for hospitals and institutions that need them. We started the effort by offering 3000 masks at the Attica University Hospital and we started a special purpose action through the Give and Fund platform and Mr. Hadjibey who leads it in order to sew even more.” And within 10 days they were able to reach their initial goal by collecting 5000 euros of donations.

Dimitra is a great example of those ambitious and hardworking women who never fail to follow their passion and succeed in every step they come through. As she always says, “if a woman is sufficiently ambitious, determined and gifted, there is practically nothing she cannot do. We, as women, can show the whole world that we can make a change, succeed and leave our fingerprint.” 

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