New Sci-fi Fantasy From Author Damon Wolfe – Thundrhed!

April 19 18:10 2022
New Sci-fi Fantasy From Author Damon Wolfe - Thundrhed!
Thundrhed! By Damon Wolfe
Shirtless Barbarian Launches One-Man Assault on Temple of Aeons! Sacrificial Victim Missing!

Temple Officials Outraged by Audacity of Smelly Foreign Brute.

Citizens of the Forbidden City were shocked to learn that the Temple of Aeons was attacked earlier in the week by a ferocious lunatic wielding a great-sword. While the full details have yet to be released, some facts are beginning to emerge. Readers will no doubt recall the moment when the sun went dark for a few heartbeats at midday, an event which has been confirmed to have taken place at the time of the attack. The means by which this powerful majik was brought about are as yet unknown, but it is believed to have been part of the robber’s master plan to loot the temple.

Annual Sacrifice Disrupted.

Temple personnel including priests, acolytes and guards were occasioned actual bodily harm by a crazed berserkr while going about the lawful business of sacrificing a virgin to the Serpent God. Authorities remain unclear as to the whereabouts of the sacrificial victim, speculating that she may have been abducted by the marauding roughneck or eaten by the temple monsters, a number of which are still unaccounted for.

‘I saw one of them running loose on the street,’ Stated a city guard from his hospice bed. ‘I don’t know what kind of thing it was, but when I tried to apprehend it, it headbutted me over a rooftop.’

Port authorities reviewing shipping records have named Thundrhed the Valkar as a person of interest and warn citizens not to approach him. He is described as a hulking, shirtless barbarian armed with an enormous sword and should be reported to the city guard if sighted.

THUNDRHED! By Damon Wolfe. Read it:

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By Damon Wolfe

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Sci-fi Fantasy

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