Infinity Skies Releases New Software That Allows a Company Focus on Growth by Limiting Its Sales and Marketing Team

April 19 23:52 2022
The company also gives power to anyone to launch their business at the snap of a finger and become a ready competition

The aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic hindered the survival and even creation of new businesses. The pandemic also brought about the Great Resignation – a situation where several employees turned in their resignation letters, leading to a huge employee gap. These peculiar situations that occurred following the pandemic necessitated a quick call to action.  With remarkable results in bridging the technology and knowledge gap to allow any non-technical individual to launch a company and create their product with a few clicks, the Infinity Skies company have heeded this call.

The Infinity Skies company offers AI Software Suite iSkies and engineering prototype services to empower individuals and entrepreneurs to create their own companies and start selling in one afternoon. Their unique software suite is prepared to disrupt the job market by performing many tasks that require a substantial team of sales and marketing development. The software automates all the tasks required in launching a new business from planning; setting up a website, generating sales scripts, to developing or selling the product, thus helping current businesses grow their sales and marketing without adding more people.

The founder of the company, Angel Lopez, had this to say about the latest software tool: “We are a business that creates businesses. We help companies grow, entrepreneurs bring innovations to life, and help employees escape the 9-5 in pursuit of their dreams.” Their software aids struggling businesses to launch simple, affordable and easy-to-use technology for customers who are not tech savvy, unlike many other SaaS technologies.

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About Infinity Skies

Angel Lopez is the founder of Infinity Skies. He started working as a project engineer and realized early in his career that he preferred a position requiring facing a customer. Feeling trapped in his engineering role, he realized the current atmosphere was not conducive for his entrepreneurial spirit. This discovery led him to thorough research where he developed his sales skills to become a prominent sales professional and advanced his way through corporate ladders, propelling various businesses to generate millions in revenue.

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