Bring Babies to Deep Slumber with Must-Have Pillows from Silky Slumberzzz

April 20 15:54 2022
Created for babies by a Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse.

Putting a baby to sleep has more benefits than just a well deserved few hours of quiet time at night for parents. Having a healthy amount of sleep is very important to a child’s health and well-being especially in early infancy since it has crucial effects on their growth and development. In fact, the sleeping patterns of babies are very much different from kids and adults. Good sleep habits must start from birth but besides teaching babies cues to learn when it is time to sleep, a complete and sound sleep also requires a comfortable space to rest. At Silky Slumberzzz, they are offering first of its kind baby products that will guarantee a good night’s sleep among little ones.

Specially designed for babies by a Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse, Silky Slumberzzz carry a line of the newest must have baby pillows. Particularly, they have the satin baby lounger, satin baby nursing pillow, satin baby crib panel, and of course, the product that they are proud of the most, the 2 in 1 Head Shaping and Hair Saving Pillow. Whether it is for a baby girl or a baby boy, Silky Slumberzzz have a wide array of colors and designs that parents can choose from. Additionally, all of their products are made with satin removable cases for easy washing.

Because Silky Slumberzzz strongly believes that babies deserve the best, each of these products were carefully made according to the needs of these little bundles of joy. For instance, their nursing pillow provides a silky, smooth, and soft cushion that helps protect infants’ delicate hair during breast and bottle feeding while the lounger provides a snuggly place for babies to rest.

Most importantly, the 2 in 1 Head Shaping and Hair Saving Pillow provides the benefit of helping prevent and correct flat head syndrome and decreasing bald spots and hair loss caused by friction. It is recommended for babies who are under 0 to 6 months old. This is the best and only product in the market that minimizes hair breakage and bald spots among infants. In case the baby is too big for this pillow, Silky Slumberzzz have the satin crib panel, which is an easy liner that fits around standard size crib mattresses. It is also a perfect way to protect a baby’s hair.

Silky Slumberzzz is definitely a silky dream come true. Know more about their products by visiting

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Silky Slumberzzz is a brand that offers first of its kind baby products that are designed by a Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse.

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