Trading card game DracooMaster releases open beta: highlights unveiled, and offers free BNB upon registration

April 20 18:12 2022



DracooMaster, a new trading card game that has recently risen to prominence due to its cute character images, just announced the release of its first open beta, allowing players to register and play for free. Being open to the public for the first time, this beta version includes all of the game’s functions and features, as well as some newly-added ones most desired by players who were once part of the closed beta.

Here’s a tutorial on how to start playing the game:

The beta has prepared tons of rewards to help players get off to a smooth start. Upon registration, players will be provided with a BNB for free that allows them to claim in-game characters, items and tokens on the official website. If they complete certain requirements in the game, they will have the chance to win summoner NFTs in the daily raffle. In addition, the game has created a special April Fools’ Day Summoner NFT for players who invite their friends to join the game. As NFTs of a limited edition, the April Fools’ Day Summoner NFTs will be issued only once in April this year, so… NFT collectors, take this chance.


The roguelike trading card game was announced back in 2021 and has gone through several groundbreaking phases since then. With a compelling storyline, the game follows the footsteps of the Master who brings his companions (Dracoos) along with him on an adventurous journey to the Sacred Peak – a mountain that rises out of a wide jungle engulfed in miasma. On the way to the summit, they will go through all kinds of unexpected experiences and encounter various mysterious figures: ferocious monsters, fanatic scientists, Dracoo hunters and those with ulterior motives…

In addition to the PVE adventure, the game also features a PVP mode named The Arena, where players bring three of their Dracoos to challenge other players to head-to-head combats. Participants will be granted rich rewards, regardless of winning or losing, though winners will have their rankings improved. Based on their rankings, players will also obtain daily rewards called DRA, a token used for trade at the game’s market.


The market is a place where players trade their in-game assets. Created with blockchain technologies, DracooMaster has made many of its in-game items tradable on the chain: Dracoos, summoners, DRA… as well as NFTs. That means those items are not only functional inside the game, they are also assets outside the game, providing a way for their owners to make real earnings. This is pretty awesome, considering that many items inside the game might not necessarily be what players really need. “The marketplace provides players with much more options,” said Zach Loy, co-founder of DracooMaster. “Let’s say when they acquire a Dracoo they’re not so fond of, for whatever reasons, they know they have the option to sell it for money instead of just throwing it away.” 

With an ocean of card games that are already out there in the market, how did DracooMaster manage to stand out? “We have been dedicated to making a game that players will genuinely like,” Zach said, “Our every move is a result of user feedback. We read every single feedback message posted on our forum and fine-tune our product accordingly. Users’ opinions matter to us, and that’s what drives DracooMaster going forward.”


DracooMaster’s free-to-play beta is still open for the public. Those who are interested in playing the game can go to to obtain in-game characters and items to start the adventure. Meanwhile, DracooMaster will also be launching its IDO event on April 20. According to reports, the event has prepared a shocking amount of 5 million tokens for players to purchase, so be sure to check out DracooMaster’s official website:

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