Quality Fridge Repair Services in Vaughan, ON

April 20 18:33 2022
Quality Fridge Repair Services in Vaughan, ON
In a recent public service announcement, Fridge Repair Service announced itself and its services. The team is a dedicated appliance repair company based in Vaughan, ON.

Vaughan, ON – April 20, 2022 – Fridge Repair Service is a professional fridge and appliances repair company in Vaughan, ON. They provide a wide range of services, and their main goal is to help people keep their appliances at peak performance. The group applies proven techniques in repair and uses the best parts to ensure durability. They are the community’s trusted fridge repair company.

Fridge Repair Service has a ton of services. One of the most sought is residential fridge repair. Refrigeration is pivotal and helps to keep food from getting spoiled. In homes, the fridge can easily get rancid. It can be due to natural wear and tear or external damage. Whatever the reason is, a non-functioning fridge or one that isn’t working at peak performance is a big hustle. Food can’t be chilled, and perishables can’t be kept long. Anyone in such a situation should contact a fridge repair company immediately. The team offers same-day repairs to achieve normal functioning in good time.

The team is also proficient in commercial fridge repair Thornhill. Commercial spaces such as restaurants need their fridges to work correctly always. If not, it can lead to a load of problems for the team. That is why Fridge Repair Service has 24/7 availability. That allows the company to offer emergency fridge services. Most commercial fridges are designed to last for years. However, a fridge might break down sooner than expected, causing a lot of inconveniences. The average lifespan of a commercial fridge is 12 years.  Anyone with fridge problems within that time should get a repair done. Fridge repairs are more economical compared to replacement.

Fridge Repair Service is also known for its laboratory refrigerator services. Lab fridges need special care and attention. They are also used to keep crucial substances that any slight mishap could lead to problems. Lab fridges need the attention of professionals and the company is known to deliver. The team has tended to several laboratory refrigerators and has an excellent track record at that.

Fridge Repair Service is a top-rated refrigerator repair Thornhill company. Their technicians have over 30-years of experience allowing them to make the right decisions in all their services. The team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and repairing people’s refrigerators as quickly as possible. They offer same-day repairs on most appliances so people don’t have to wait long before getting back to enjoying life with a working appliance again.

The company is affordable and covers a large area, extending its services to many neighborhoods in Ontario.

About Fridge Repair Service

Fridge Repair Service is a professional fridge repair company in Vaughan, ON. The team has many years of experience and plenty of services. They operate 24/7 and offer affordable same-day refrigerator repairs. People can now get reliable residential, commercial, and lab appliance repairs.

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Company Name: Fridge Repair Service
Contact Person: John Gonzales
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Phone: (289) 797-2872
Address:20 N Park Rd
City: Vaughan
State: ON L4J 0G7
Country: Canada
Website: https://fridgerepairservice.ca/