The FeetBack Project Launches A Collection of 8888 NFTs pair of legs

April 20 17:12 2022

Groundbreaking crypto project, FeetBack, announces the launch of an NFT collection of 8888 pairs of legs on the Ethereum network created especially for feetlovers and other blockchain enthusiasts

The developers of the FeetBack project have taken a giant stride towards charting a new course in the crypto space with the launch of their NFT collection. Feetback is 8888 NFTs pair of legs on the Ethereum network created especially for feetlovers, and not only, with the collection to be into the metaverse after the first drop.

“FEETBACK is that «brilliant trace» in your world. More than just a clue. It’s more than just a piece of art. This is the bridge between the exciting worlds. By noticing that humanity is on the threshold of an exciting virtual experience, the ministers left a «brilliant trace», a secret in the real world.”

The blockchain space has expanded significantly in recent times, with the emergence of the Metaverse and its inherent components further substantiating this claim. The continuously emerging NFT market remains one of the biggest beneficiaries of the fast-expanding virtual space. However, the FeetBack project aims to take the experience a notch higher with the launch of the NFT collection and other initiatives.

The NFT collection will be initially launched during a presale that will allow the public to get into the revolutionary project at a discounted mint price. FeetBack is particularly unique for its utility, universality, and beneficial holders of the NFTs, irrespective of the location. The project aims to address the seeming darkness that the world has been allegedly enveloped in, breaking away from the norm by allowing as many people as possible to be a part of the metaverse with relative ease.

Every Feetback holder enjoys several perks, including access to upcoming features such as becoming a landlord in the Metaverse and leaving a footprint for ages and centuries there. All holders will have the chance to own a piece of land not only in the metaverse but in the real world as well. 

In line with the goal of delivering the benefits of the metaverse to as many people as possible worldwide, the Feetback project will also do massive giveaways to community members, with rewards such as merch, Xbox, PS5, and sneakers from the feet of creators. There will also be a Feetback charity launch with 10% of gains going to laudable projects as well as a merch collection launch that is expected to go viral like major luxury brands.

For further information about the NFT collection and the Feetback project, join the growing online community across social media, including Twitter, Instagram, and Discord.

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