First Book of Metaverse Series ‘The World of Morphea’ Exceeds Crowdfund Goal on Kickstarter

April 20 19:42 2022
Official Publishing Date of ‘The Cell’ Introduces Breakthrough Metaverse Novel Series to Sci-Fi Community

Houston – On the 28th of April the Kickstarter campaign for the upcoming novel The Cell exceeded its fundraising goal and was officially born into the sci-fi community. 

Reaching beyond the goal of $5k, author Ralph Srouji plans to officially launch the novel on April 19th in both eBook and paperback format here.

After capturing the attention of sci-fi fans with his first few chapters of The Cell, Ralph quickly found a following waiting in anticipation to read the remainder of his metaverse era novel. He dripped out one new chapter every Friday until he had released the first six chapters, promising backers the book in its entire First Fan edition once the Kickstarter goal was fulfilled. 

Touting hard core science meeting literary fiction, The Cell pushes the envelope on favorite sci-fi themes, exploring some concepts that have hardly seen the light of day in the genre, such as the metaverse and detailed exploration of black holes. More than a thrilling adventure that depicts the lives of humans 40,000 years in the future navigating a virtual reality The Cell seeks to answer humankind’s most pressing questions about why we exist and what is next for us, as we leap from one tumultuous technological age to another. 

“As this illuminated future civilization reaches a full understanding of the universe, the last questions, the big questions, are finally answered. Prepare for an intake of information you wouldn’t believe can fit in such a small novel. Discover new scientific concepts, many of which were never described in literature in such details,” states Ralph of his novel. 

And The Cell is only the beginning. This is the first novel of the World of Morphea, an entire universe that the author intends to build out over time, exploring to the fullest extent the concept of the metaverse and untapped scientific concepts that still seem mere legend in our time.

Born in Beirut during the civil war of Lebanon in 1977, Ralph Srouji now lives in Houston with his wife and daughter. 

You can find out more about The Cell and anticipated future books in the Morphea World series here: To order your own copy of The Cell, visit: The Cell on Amazon 

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Ralph Srouji was born in Beirut in 1977 during the civil war. Books, especially fictional books, provided him with the escape he needed during that uncertain time. Through the refuge of books, he discovered that we live in two realities; one where bombs can fall from the sky, and another where the mind can travel further than the borders of the universe. He looks forward to distributing The Cell to readers around the world – and introducing more books in Morphea World as time goes on. 

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