How Much Exercise Does A Dog Need – Lucky Pet Shop Explains All

April 21 16:24 2022
The Lucky Pet Shop explains how much exercise a dog needs

A leading online pet store that helps pet owners save money on quality pet accessories and pet products has launched a campaign to help people understand how much exercise a dog needs. The Lucky Pet Shop ( which sells everything from dog walking accessories, and grooming products, to pet lifestyle accessories, has been credited for helping dog owners to save money on quality pet products and accessories.

The online store that says they will not be beaten on price and who recently challenged Amazon to try and match their prices has said regular exercise is vital for all dogs.

A spokesman for The Lucky Pet Shop explained: “Regular exercise is important for a dog. It helps with their mental health, keeps them happy and in shape.”

Vets around the world encourage owners to give their dogs as much exercise as possible as it helps them become healthier and avoids serious health problems like obesity, and arthritis and reduces behavioral issues.

Many different dogs require different amounts of exercise. Some dogs need 1 – 2 hours of exercise per day while others need more than 2 hours of exercise.

When looking at how often a person should walk their dog, the owner should consider their dog’s age, health condition, activity level, and breed. Younger dogs require and want more frequent walks while older dogs are happier with fewer walks but still like to spend large amounts of time outside.

These higher-energy dog breeds may benefit from more frequent walks:

• Terriers

• Border collies and other herding breeds

• Huskies

• Australian shepherds

• Labrador and golden retrievers

Less-active dog breeds may be fine with just fewer and shorter walks such as two shorter walks per day:

• Great Danes

• Newfoundlands

• Mastiffs

• Greyhounds

• Bulldogs

When taking a dog to a vet for their annual check-up, they can check their health, weight, and mobility issues and advise on the exact amount of time a dog should be walked per day.

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