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April 21 16:27 2022
The Lucky Pet Shop explains what three pet accessories people should take with them when taking a dog out for the day.

A leading online pet store that helps pet owners save money on quality pet accessories and pet products has explained what three pet accessories dog owners should have when taking their dog out in the car. The Lucky Pet Shop ( which sells everything from dog walking accessories, and grooming products, to pet lifestyle accessories, has gained a reputation for selling quality pet products and accessories at their lowest price.

Taking a dog out for the day is great fun for both the owner and the dog. It provides the dog with plenty of exercises and also the owner. But, when taking a dog out in the car it is important to pack and have the right pet accessories. The Lucky Pet Shop, which is so confident they, provide pet accessories at the lowest price and who recently challenged Amazon to beat their prices, has put together three great accessories to have for a car.

The Three Pet Accessories Are:

Dog Car Seat Cover

A dog car seat cover is one of the most important pet accessories when taking a dog out in a car. A dog can cause damage to a vehicle such as scratch marks. Their hair can also fall into the interior of the vehicle, making it hard to remove and clean. A Dog Car Seat Cover ( which is priced at just $58.99 can help protect a car. Since being launched, more than 15544 people have bought this item.

Portable Pet Water Bottle

When taking a dog for a walk and when taking a dog in a vehicle, they must have access to water at all times. One great way to help a dog have access to water is by purchasing the Portable Pet Water Bottle ( which is priced at just $23.99. More than 12699 people have bought this item.

Dog Car Seatbelt

To keep a dog safe while traveling in a vehicle they should have a dog car seatbelt. It is a vital piece of safety equipment. It is priced at just $14.99 (

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