Speaker and Entrepreneur Ashley Montgomery Joins the Leadership Experience Tour and Shares How to Secure a Solid Foothold in the Industry

April 21 17:45 2022
Speaker and Entrepreneur Ashley Montgomery Joins the Leadership Experience Tour and Shares How to Secure a Solid Foothold in the Industry

Shawn Fair remains one of the top choices for personal coaching and training services. He has built an avenue for aspiring speakers to obtain access to the resources, tools, and supportive services needed to thrive in their chosen profession in the form of the Fair Consulting Group. The company’s most notable program is the Leadership Experience Tours, where Shawn brings some of the most dynamic speakers in the country on the stage. One of the chosen guests is the international keynote speaker, co-host, moderator, international best-selling author, and award-winning entrepreneur Ashley Montgomery.

The widely acclaimed speaker channels over ten years of experience and passion for mentoring to make meaningful connections with clients and help them unlock their maximum potential. Ashley knows how to use her platform to effectively guide people on the path where they can elevate their leadership vision to new heights. 

One mission has always stood at the core of Ashley’s efforts, and it is her commitment to encourage, motivate, and drive people to dominate in their field. “No matter where you are in life, you can be anybody and go anywhere. It all starts with obedience and stepping out on faith,” shared Ashley.

Ashley learned the value of dedication at a young age while being a mother at 17. But despite the setback of becoming a teenage mother, she graduated high school and decided to further her education in Nursing. On top of being a mother to two teenage sons, Ashley has managed to establish two outstanding enterprises.

At present, she is the founder and CEO of Exceptional Healthcare Staffing which currently houses over 300 CNAs, LPNs, and RNs. The firm dispatched over 100 healthcare practitioners as a response to the staffing shortages amid the pandemic, Hurricane Laura, and Hurricane Delta in 2020.

Ashley is also the founder and CEO of Exceptional Business Academy, which guides clients to accomplish their goal of thriving in their chosen profession. The venture’s most popular program is “60 days to 6 figures,” which introduces a step-by-step approach that teaches individuals how to boss up and generate six figures within 60 days.

Furthermore, her program “Girl…You were created for this!” represents a cornerstone of Ashley’s commitment to enhancing the lives of women of all ages by providing a safe space for them to face and overcome challenges while also assisting them in creating a life that will outlive them.

As a testament to this, Ashley is the co-author of Les Brown’s Ignite the Hunger in You and the visionary author of Created for Greatness, which features 24 women who share their stories of overcoming obstacles and stepping into greatness. 

“When I realized how successful I was in the business that I built, I realized that I can help other individuals leave a generation legacy for their children and their children to come,” Ashley answered when asked what motivated her to build her own brand. “I love seeing other individuals level up and take their career to another level. It’s all about helping the next person create generational wealth for generations to come.”

Ashley Montgomery shows no sign of slowing down soon and intends to build an empire within the next five years. Her long-term goals include developing a school where she can impart her knowledge and reach more individuals to help them build their successful businesses within 60 days.

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