Shawn Fair Introduces another Dynamic Speaker, S-Monique Smith, to the Leadership Experience Tour

April 21 18:00 2022
Shawn Fair Introduces another Dynamic Speaker, S-Monique Smith, to the Leadership Experience Tour

Shawn Fair’s exclusive club for speakers, Leadership Experience Tour, has grown big. It has become the number #1 platform for speakers in the United States, and from time to time, the list of speakers keeps expanding. Joining that ever-expanding list is dynamic and powerful humanitarian S-Monique Smith, whose impactful works in the world cannot be overlooked.

S-Monique Smith has done remarkable work in championing community-based initiatives that spread awareness about missing children and trafficked people while giving survivors resources to function as normal citizens again. She draws motivation from her own experience surviving abduction as a child and how she went from being beaten daily to beating the odds that life stacked against her. Seeing or hearing other children experience anything similar to what she did isn’t something she wants. Thus, she has dedicated her time and resources to creating an environment that keeps children and humans be safe.

Due to her work and impact on society, S-Monique Smith has created multiple ways to spread her impact and in her long list of achievements is her 2011 book, “I Am The Ancestor,” in which she shares her life’s story with the world. The book was inspired by her story that featured a loss of identity and traumatic experiences. After surviving decades of severe child abuse, she spent years trying to find herself. She realized that the wan who raised her may have stolen her from her birth mother in New York, and that realization sent her on another journey of discovering who she was. She documented the whole experience in the book to draw the world’s attention to things many people do not pay attention to.

Through the book, S-Monique Smith hopes to create a path for others to follow and impact their lives in major ways. In a few years, with her impact continually gaining ground, Monique hopes to see her story feature on big-name networks like Netflix and Hulu. In addition, she hopes to get her story out in the world so that everyone struggling to overcome one challenge or the other gets motivated to never give up. “Self-motivation Is GOLD! Tap into your resilience factors like there’s no excuse not to become your greatest self,” she affirmed.

Despite all she has gone through, Monique is now a mother of four and has a beautiful family she cherishes. Her family also inspires her daily to put in work to connect as many children as possible with their families. Joining Shawn Fait’s Leadership Experience Tour gives her the opportunity to tell her story bolder and create more awareness about her work and how the world can support the cause.

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