Shawn Fair Chooses Dr. Casuel D. Pitts Jr., Another Dynamic Speaker, for the Leadership Experience Tour

April 21 18:03 2022
Shawn Fair Chooses Dr. Casuel D. Pitts Jr., Another Dynamic Speaker, for the Leadership Experience Tour

A lot of people think that external elements such as economic and social factors hinder them from achieving success. However, what most of them fail to realize is that the most common thing holding them back from reaching their full potential is self-doubt. Conscious of this flawed assumption, the inspiring entrepreneur Dr. Casuel Pitts has made it his mission to help others cultivate their confidence and accomplish what they were born to do.

The inspirational speaker and mentorship coach is known for developing techniques that allow individuals to build the crucial traits needed to be successful. By applying these intuitive strategies and teachings, students are able to see their goals through effectively.

What sets the incredible thought leader apart is his unrivaled passion for his vocation. In fact, when asked what pushed him to pursue a career that serves others, he profoundly explained, “Once I built my legacy, God put it on my heart to help other individuals build their legacy.”

In everything he does, Dr. Casuel Pitts puts God at the center. The insightful man believes that God’s guidance has helped him reach the level of success that he has now, in addition to his strong self-esteem. 

On top of that, his rough upbringing, combined with an extensive educational background, has enabled him to see things that most are unable to perceive. His vast exposure to both extreme desolation and prosperity has motivated him to guide others on the right path.

Because of the initiatives he created, the dynamic speaker has solidified his reputation as a compassionate humanitarian and an individual with an in-depth understanding of gratitude. As a testament to his authority, visionary business development coach Shawn Fair has handpicked Dr. Casuel Pitts as a guest speaker on his one-of-a-kind platform, the Leadership Experience Tour.

Aside from being an advocate of self-confidence, the accomplished man is a respected business owner and the founder of more than a dozen successful enterprises. His ventures are also an excellent vehicle that elevates the community as he has helped create more job opportunities.

Moving forward, the outstanding businessman and CEO aims to grow his business even further and become a world-renowned entrepreneur. He intends to create as many as 30 companies and even plans to educate his audience on how to make a million dollars with NFTs and cryptocurrency. 

But above all, Dr. Casuel Pitts seeks to continue guiding others to success, especially the younger generation. Now more than ever, his priority is to magnify his focus on increasing the utilization of all his resources as part of the promise he made to God concerning being a change agent.

Learn more about Dr. Casuel Pitts by visiting his official website. You can also check out his Instagram and LinkedIn page.

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