Kathy Grassett LLC Helps Corporate-Powerhouse-Turned-Entrepreneurs Reach Their Next Level of Income

April 22 02:15 2022
The Money Breakthrough Business Coach Offers Her Program, The Premier Entrepreneur Blueprint.

Through her specially-designed program, masterful Business Coach Kathy Grassett imparts her expertise to entrepreneurs with corporate backgrounds. The Premiere Entrepreneur Blueprint was created to help former corporate leaders thrive as consultants, coaches, and service experts in their own businesses.

More specifically, the program teaches clients how to break through into their next level of income. According to Kathy, entrepreneurs inevitably reach points where it becomes a challenge to take their business beyond its current stage and into exciting new levels of higher impact and income. She further explains that this can happen at any stage, whether the company has only been operating for a year or it has been flourishing for a decade or more. It is often accompanied by other difficulties such as overwhelm from overworking in their business and feeling disconnected with their strategy.

Kathy encountered the same situation early on with her own company and realized that her experience in the corporate world was the culprit.

The Premier Entrepreneur Blueprint program was designed to rewire the corporate subconscious that entrepreneurs unknowingly carry forward into their businesses, remove money blocks, and allow them to unlock unlimited income potential. “I am leading your premier entrepreneurial experience after corporate,” said Kathy. “Working with me, you will learn my proven strategy to create a simplified and lucrative business model that powers you to exciting new levels where you can make a lot more money with a lot less effort.”

Participants of the Premier Entrepreneur Blueprint receive a one-on-one, premium coaching experience with Kathy. The experience includes virtual coaching sessions, an invitation to her popular Money Mindset Mastery VIP Day, and lifetime access to numerous trainings, workbooks, exercises, templates, and so much more.

Before pursuing her coaching business, Kathy Grassett had a stellar 20-year corporate career. She was a well-acclaimed technology leader and project management expert in one of the world’s most highly known companies.

Impressive as this may sound, the business coach states that her corporate upbringing became the roadblock that held back the growth of her company. “Most notable was how I was programmed to think, act, and make decisions about money,” said Kathy.

After overcoming this, she now continues to share her breakthrough secrets with other former corporate personalities who are ready to rise to the next level and redefine themselves as a premier entrepreneur.

One of Kathy’s clients shares, “I have been struggling with my money mindset for a long time. I started implementing what I learned right away because it was so good…and I started to feel a shift in how I view money and my self-worth. I learned a lot about myself. Kathy is an amazing coach. I highly recommend…for anyone who is struggling with their money mindset because it will help you clear out those money blocks and move forward so that you can be the success that you are meant to be.”

More information about Kathy Grassett and her program is found at https://kathygrassett.com/.

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