Konso Motors Explains Why Worn Tires Are Dangerous

April 22 07:24 2022
Konso Motors Explains Why Worn Tires Are Dangerous
Tires are one of the most overlooked components of a vehicle but are also one of the most important. Unfortunately, most typical motorists don’t give their tires the attention they deserve.

Inglewood, CA – In a website post, Konso Motors, a renowned auto repair shop in Inglewood, mentioned why driving on worn tires poses a significant risk.

Some manufacturers recommend a tire change Inglewood after six years, while others say ten years. As tires age, they deteriorate, leaving them more prone to failure. They have a very low puncture resistance and can, therefore, blow at any time. In addition, worn tires lose air slowly and need to be constantly refilled. As the tires lose air pressure, it causes the engine to overwork, thus ruining the vehicle’s fuel economy.

The tread on tires is the motorist’s connection to the road. They also repel water and mud on the road so that the motorist doesn’t lose control of the vehicle. Worn tires don’t have enough tread depth to repel water efficiently, causing the vehicle to hydroplane. The motorist is just but a passenger with zero control over the vehicle in such a moment. A vehicle running on such tires has a higher risk of causing sudden and catastrophic accidents. 

It’s not advisable to use old or worn tires because it’s not safe for the motorist, and it negatively affects the overall vehicle’s performance. Motorists with any tire damage or those who need their old tires replaced should consider enlisting the help of an auto mechanic near me Inglewood

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