DankGator Seeks to Disrupt the Way Dispensaries Build and Launch Websites

April 22 13:09 2022
DankGator Seeks to Disrupt the Way Dispensaries Build and Launch Websites
This quarter, industry front-runner and software innovator DankGator, is excited to announce the launch of the industry’s first ‘do it yourself’ website creation platform, custom-built for dispensaries and CBD companies.

The legal cannabis market in North America is expected to surge to nearly 38.2 billion USD by 2028, presenting an incredible opportunity for dispensaries and headshops to serve a growing market of legalized cannabis and CBD products.

Advancements in legislation, and subsequent legalization of cannabis for medicinal and recreational use, have resulted in the establishment of 7,500+ dispensaries across the United States.

Yet, many of these budding dispensaries and CBD brands struggle with adapting to an ever-evolving technological landscape, making the development and maintenance of websites both a technical challenge and a major ongoing expense.

This quarter, industry front-runner and software innovator DankGator, is excited to announce the launch of the industry’s first ‘do it yourself’ website creation platform, custom-built for dispensaries and CBD companies. 

Announcing the Launch of DankGator for Dispensaries and CBD Brands

With the launch of it’s DIY software, DankGator users gain access to a first-of-its-kind website builder, engineered and tailored for the cannabis industry. This cloud-hosted platform makes the complex and laborious task of creating, maintaining, and updating dispensary websites an easy and intuitive one.

With DankGator, creating and launching a visually stunning website that performs as good as it looks is boiled down to a simple three-step process that involves no technical know-how or coding.

The Importance and Challenge of Creating a High Performing Website

In today’s market, the importance of a value-driven, high-converting, and ranking website cannot be understated. According to data from Google, nearly 80% of all purchases (made online and in person), are influenced by a search engine query.

However, most dispensary and CBD entrepreneurs lack the fundamental and technical skills to code, develop, optimize, launch, and maintain a website that’s worthy of representing the image they want to project for their brand.

This has traditionally left business owners in the space to seek out expensive web design agencies, spending upwards of $5,000-$20,000+ for an eCommerce-ready website that lives up to their standards and best serves their customers.

The First DIY Platform Designed to Serve the Dispensary and CBD Market

As a first of its kind, DankGator is paving the way for new and existing dispensaries and CBD companies to elevate their brand and remain competitive in today’s cutthroat legal cannabis industry. This software, hosted in the cloud, empowers these companies to take back control of their web presence, removing the need to rely on expensive web designers.

By doing so, DankGator is helping companies in the space enhance the customer experience and provide greater value, while saving time, energy, and resources in the process.

No-Code Technology Makes Website Design a Breeze

Perhaps the biggest hurdle for entrepreneurs in the dispensary and CBD industry is the lack of technical knowledge, and subsequent reliance on expensive developers, coders, and web designers to establish and maintain their web presence.

Realizing this challenge, DankGator sought to develop a DIY website-builder-as-a-service platform that is as powerful as it is intuitive and easy to use.

Use of DankGator requires no technical knowledge or experience, giving businesses visual tools to create visually stunning websites that impress customers and a backend system that improves efficiency, optimizes workflows, and grants its users the ability to get more done faster, cheaper, and with greater reliability.

High Converting Website Templates Packed with Bells and Whistles

Backed by decades of experience in the industry, and a keen eye for optimization, DankGator comes packed with high-performance web templates so customers don’t have to start from scratch.

Templates included with DankGator come with ready-made sections, opt-in forms for lead capture, feature-rich widgets, conversion tools, and more.

Ecommerce Functionality Baked in

Customers of DankGator benefit from eCommerce functionality, with the software pre-integrated with major eCommerce platforms.

Understanding the needs of customers and brands, DankGator has expanded its eCommerce functionality to include the seamless creation of promotions, coupons, and special offers to drive sales and conversions.

Grow a Customer Base with Integrated Email Marketing

Email marketing remains one of the strongest growth and revenue-producing channels in the CBD and dispensary industry. With ROI reaching as high as $36 for every $1 spent, DankGator makes tapping into this high-value marketing channel as easy as the click of a mouse. With native integrations to several major email marketing platforms, customers can hit the ground running with campaigns aimed at earning repeat sales, pushing promotions, building customer relationships, and more.

With DankGator Launching a New Dispensary or CBD Website is As Easy as 1-2-3

Users of DankGator can have their website up and running in a matter of minutes, following a simple 3-step process. From choosing expertly designed templates, to customizations and launch, the process is designed with the end user in mind.

About DankGator

Founded by technology and software veterans, DankGator is backed by decades of experience and a team with a strong track record of delivering high-performance solutions for businesses across a wide range of verticals.

Leveraging their experience in the legal cannabis industry, DankGator founders sought to create the first-ever DIY website builder made specifically for dispensaries and CBD brands.

With this move, DankGator now gives dispensary and CBD owners complete freedom over their web presence, from design to launch. The DankGator platform is engineered to deliver incredible value, bringing together a wide range of baked-in services and features to give companies a competitive edge.

Those interested in learning more about the platform are encouraged to reach out via its official website (DankGator.com).


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