The ChaserBee robot is launched in the world for the first time, creating the optimal solution on the DEX chain

April 22 16:18 2022

As digital currencies mature, the myth of individuals achieving financial freedom through early-stage investment projects is increasingly difficult to see. The general environment of the digital currency market has undergone fundamental changes. In addition to correcting their mentality, individual investors also need to adjust their strategies and quickly enter a new stage of blockchain investment.

With the help of blockchain technology, the ChaserBee robot system has been built with heavy investment, aiming to create a stable source of income for users, truly ensure that each trading strategy is traceable and traceable, and make it financialized and informatized to achieve technological and The value connection of the network; with the help of the blockchain to issue the digital cryptocurrency on the chain, everyone can participate, supervise, transfer, realize and publicize the value of their financial attributes. At the same time, the (ChaserBee) robot system extends the blockchain technology to the Internet of the value credit system to ensure that private property is not infringed, the transaction strategy technology is on the chain and cannot be tampered with, to ensure its own true value, and to build healthy and efficient transactions The economic circle on the strategic chain.

ChaserBee is a world-class artificial intelligence trading plus arbitrage hybrid trading software robot. Helping cryptocurrency traders maximize profits while reducing risks and losses.

ChaserBee’s front-end has greatly optimized the trading experience. ChaserBee is the first platform to use on-chain data to embed Tradingview charts. For most professional investors, the line drawing function experience provided by Tradingview is much better than most trading platforms. Self-provided line drawing tools.

Among the services provided by ChaserBee, programmatic trading bots are the real “killer”. ChaserBeeBot can help DeFi users build quantitative trading strategies with the help of the natively integrated TradingView. DeFi users can use TradingView’s strategy indicators or send on-chain trading signals to ChaserBeeBot through JavaScript commands to achieve fully automated on-chain transactions. At the same time, the programmatic strategy created by the user can also choose to open to the outside world, and independently set the price for subscribing to the strategy. After other users subscribe to the policy, the policy provider can receive subscription fee incentives.

The ChaserBee robot searches for slippage profits by detecting all trading pairs on major Swap exchanges. It will increase GAS or burn blocks before an investor buys it, or buy new coins when they are listed on Swap. It is time to quickly grab the first order through the robot, and then wait for the investor to buy it successfully, and after the price rises, the robot will automatically sell it to achieve easy arbitrage.

Now the difficulty of manual arbitrage has become more and more difficult or almost impossible. It is possible that the price difference was discovered in the last second, but it has not yet reacted. Maybe someone else has used a robot several times, so using a robot can greatly improve the efficiency of arbitrage.


ChaserBee robot issuance token IDAC will be listed on the PancakeSWAP decentralized exchange at the end of April. The total circulation is 100 billion, and it will burn 90 billion when it goes online; the remaining total is extracted through the blind box except for the liquidity pool injection, so that the DAO of the token is decentralized.

IDAC Token is based on the DAO token released by the Binance (BSC) smart chain. The pool is permanently locked. The code has been open sourced and audited by certik.

ChaserBee DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization composed of community members around the world.

It will play a decision-making role in the development of the ChaserBee ecosystem, so as to establish a healthy functioning autonomous organization, sharing, co-prosperity and common development with all its constituent members. Users purchase ChaserBee TOKEN by Become a voting member of the ChaserBee DAO, and over time, the community will be governed by the DAO to achieve decentralization.

IDAC, a comprehensive ecosystem with stable profitability will set sail!

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