Infinitely Adjustable Sit-Stand Portable Laptop Ergonomic Desk Enhances Remote Workers’ Focus

April 22 16:21 2022
Enjio is making efforts to deliver innovative flexible workspace solutions. The company’s portable laptop desk makes workers more productive by improving their focus.

Enjio, a brand dedicated to designing workspace solutions for flexible workers, is now making advancements with its recently launched portable laptop standing desk. The brand says this innovative product has been designed specifically for remote workers and those working in hybrid job roles. It allows them to improve productivity by helping them remain focused on work. The product is ideally suited for work-life-conscious individuals looking to make the most of each working hour.

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Remote work has been on the rise for the past few years. However, the coronavirus pandemic accelerated the shift towards remote and hybrid work. All aspects of work have been impacted by this shift, including the workplace itself.

As organizations and employees alike realized the benefits of working remotely, this type of arrangement is starting to become the norm. Naturally, this will have implications on workplace design, which is why organizations should be open-minded about how workplaces may evolve in the coming months.

Though there are many benefits of working remotely, these environments can be full of distractions, and staying focused in that environment can be a challenge for employees. This is why proper workspace design plays an important role in an effective remote working setup. Having an ergonomically optimized workspace helps remote workers remain focused and deliver higher productivity. This is where Enjio’s adjustable laptop stand for desk comes in.

“When it comes to working from home — or from any place, for that matter — a decent setup is very important. A properly planned-out setup helps bring normalcy and productivity into a situation. Therefore, you need a decent workspace to restore productivity in work-from-home situations,” says Enjio founder and CEO Andres Gutierrez.

“At Enjio, we have worked hard to create workspace solutions that are tailor-made for remote working. We have combined thoughtful ergonomic design with light, mobile materials to help you get in the zone, wherever you go. When you are done for the day, pack down, declutter and store away effortlessly,” Gutierrez adds.

Starting in June 2022, Enjio’s laptop stand ergonomic will be available for pre-order via Kickstarter. A series of lucrative perks have been created for the backers.

Remote workers looking for innovative workspace solutions are requested to visit the brand’s official website.

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