The Charity Bees NFTs are Scheduled to Enter the NFT World on International BEE Day

April 23 00:51 2022
The Charity Bees NFTs are Scheduled to Enter the NFT World on International BEE Day

“The Charity Bees” NFT collection will be available on 20th May 2022, this is the INTERNATIONAL BEE DAY; there they start their NFT collection. “The Charity Bees” NFT is a project organized with the goal of connecting people, saving the Bees, and growing together as friends. 9,999 Bees which are randomly generated and fully animated, living in the Ethereum blockchain ERC-721 will be minted with the collection and all these NFTs are basically based on three characters. Those characters are Worker Bees, Drone Bees, and Queen Bees. All the NFTs are fully animated and there will be more than 100 traits. All 9,999 NFTs will be up to grab by the whole NFT community.

The team Charity Bees say that they have planned community events, rewards, virtual and physical interactions, raffles, and many more exciting events with the launch of their NFT collection. Of the 9,999 NFTs 90% will be minted on their official sale, and 10% will be for their advertising, community events, gifts, and whitelist spots. The significant point is that 40% of their official sale amount will be given to the different Bee projects in Austria to save and increase the Bees and many people admire it. 5% of every further purchase and sale from “The Charity Bees NFTs” goes also to different Bee projects as charity funds. These rewards will range millions of dollars each and every year to save the bees and that thing is a huge contribution to the environment.

The project “The Charity Bees NFTs” was created by NFT collectors, artists, and professionals with the goal of bringing something unique and special to the NFT community. NFT holders will be offered the access to “The Charity Bees” exclusive merchandise shop. They also can participate in community giveaways and many interesting events.

In April 2022 “Rocket Launch” event will be held and that month will be full of exciting news, events, and social media releases. The team mentions that they are confident that their vision is like no other. “We want to create both an amazing community and a project that we all can enjoy,” says the team further. Social media present launch, website and minting page launch, daily giveaways, and partnerships with influencers and companies will be announced in the same month.

May    2022 is one of the most important months for “The Charity Bees” NFTs because the NFT collection will be launched and the Opensea connection with the website will be given to view floor prices and other details. The team also mentioned that there’s a “New York City surprise” and that’s still a secret. 

In June 2022, the “Moon Landing” event will be held and it’s all about reinforcing their main foundations and concentrating on main partnerships. “By this time, we can see “The Charity Bees” NFTs images in hundreds of social media pictures and hanging on walls of our collectors’ homes,” says the team behind “The Charity Bees NFTs”.

In July 2022 the “Peaceful Colonization” will happen. “Three months after launch day, we believe “The Charity Bees” NFTs will top the charts as the most trending and the best managed NFT collection in the whole NFT community. “That’s our goal and we’ll be working to achieve” the team Charity Bees NFTs says further about their goals. In July 2022 their physical collectible and future partnerships with reputed companies will be announced and the public merch shop will also be opened.

In August 2022, they will launch a “BEECOIN”.

About “The Charity Bees NFTs”

The team behind “The Charity Bees NFTs” says “NFTs are the future and the future is already here, so let us combine the NFT space together with the biggest charity ever to save the real Bees and increase their population. Together we can reach incredible success.”

Albert Einstein once said, “If the Bee disappear, man would have only four years of life left”.

That saying clearly explains how the existence of Bees is important for the existence of humankind.




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