– A New Way to Connect Real Businesses and Blockchain. Private sale starts 05/10/2022

April 23 01:58 2022

After getting seed round investments, opens up for the first private sale among the bigger number of investors. Private sale starts on 05/10/2022 now users can sign up to get the priority spot among other investors.

As DeFi grew on the ethereum network, the cost of gas for some applications kept going up. This increase opened the door for upstart developers to bet on different systems and launch new chains.

Today we will talk about, a new project aiming to leverage the growing popularity of multichain systems. Our short review will mention the key features of this project and mention its anticipated future developments.

A Closer Look into

The project’s website suggests that aims at connecting real businesses and the blockchain world. The team promises that this new initiative will provide an affordable package for anyone wishing to enter the market.

Specifically, the founders believe it will no longer be necessary to rely on big and expensive development teams. wishes to use a multichain framework to cut the cost of building and integrating blockchains.

The following subsections will look closer into the main features of the project.

The Business Solution

The team summarizes the business proposal of as follows:

  • App development: the project will bring a cross-platform framework for multichain systems with low transactions.
  • Retail: proposes a paperless approach that will speed up trading operations. The sign-off mechanism would work almost instantaneously, and the team promises no more discrepancies in financial statements.
  • Travel: as the team promises, all the booking services will be transparent. Moreover, the platform will provide a system of cross-country payments, with the possibility of joining loyalty programs.
  • Manufacturing: in this context, wishes to introduce more robust internal controls with easy-to-scale fraud prevention. Furthermore, the founders expect to introduce a system where no one can alter the vendor’s original documents.
  • Game development: the team will enable in-game tokens and NFT creation with an easy play-to-earn (P2E) model and cross-platform compatibility.
  • Intellectual property: will introduce a transparent IP registry with proof of ownership mechanisms. Furthermore, the team promises an affordable and easy-to-use copywriting system.

What Do We Know About the Project’s Features?

The project wishes to bring blockchain security with the speed and simplicity of centralized solutions to the market. Among the main features mentioned by the team, we find:

  • Low transaction costs: ANI promises to offer lower transaction fees by distributing resources.
  • Decentralized systems optimization: ANI makes use of centralized to optimize this framework.
  • Business process automation: this system wishes to create the occasion for saving business resources.
  • Service delivery at high speed: in terms of scalability, ANI aims to launch a fast system for small and large businesses.

More Information About ANI’s Ecosystem

The team shared further insight on its vision and market approach. First of all, ANI wishes to promote the use of fast and scalable databases, solving the common data storage issue.

Moreover, the developers will work on a modular and scalable infrastructure by leveraging the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) blockchain network. The founders also plan to enable everyone to make use of a never-ending flow of transactions on this system.

ANI wishes to become the foundation for DeFi projects and dApps, solving problems belonging to the old blockchain systems. Data congestion and high gas fees are two of the main issues that belong to this industry, and ANI would like to propose its solution.

The team expects that using a multithreaded multichain will bring a certain degree of efficiency in the current market. At the same time, ANI includes the reduction of entry barriers in the DeFi sector among its purposes.

$ANIF Token

The project will launch its native token ($ANIF) in a private sale operation for strategic investors. The cryptocurrency will run on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and have a supply of 1  billion tokens.

The initial circulating supply will be equal to 62.25 million $ANIF, and the token will have a dual utility:

  • it will grant access to a reward system
  • it will give governance rights in terms of supporting upgrades to the project’s ecosystem

The majority of the token (69%) will provide incentives to the nodes of the system. Specifically, the team expects to deliver 100,000 $ANIF in rewards each day.

In the multichain spirit, the developers included Polkadot compatibility in their plans.

ANI’s Roadmap

ANI’s team is following a roadmap currently under development. The following list includes some of the milestones that are publicly available:

  • Launching private sale for strategic investors
  • Making ANI documentation available for the community
  • Kicking off the public sale of the $ANIF token
  • Launching a closed alpha testing of the core infrastructure solutions
  • Introducing Binance Smart Chain and Polkadot in the system.
  • Research and development, with library customization for American and Asian markets.

Our Conclusions on the Project

ANI clearly aims to become an important player in the growing multichain market. The team will rely on the Binance Smart Chain and Polkadot technologies to achieve this ambitious result.

The project’s founders are confident that this approach will bring a series of efficiency in the industry. In the meantime, readers interested in ANI can visit the project’s official website and sign up to join the private sale round on 05/10/2022.

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